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Written by David Prince   
Tuesday, 06 April 2010 06:00

fmcoverKicking straight in with the call to arms that is 'Wildside' which, with its AC/DC style riff, heralds a new beginning for the once poodle permed rockers...and yet a return to form. With the loss of Andy Barnett, the reformed AOR masters have lost the blues edge to their sound and returned to what made them stars in the first place - hard rock.


Having recruited Jim Kirkpatrick into their ranks the band sound revitalised and hungry for the first time in decades. Jim is joined by the main nucleus of Steve Overland, Merv Goldsworthy and Pete Jupp, who are augmented by Jem Davis on keyboards who parps his heart out here.


This is an album of spectacular highs with very little lows, with songs as strong as 'Bring Back Yesterday' and 'Days Gone By.' The band may have a similar lyrical thread (i.e. nothing new) but they sound fresh and ready to take on the world. FM save the best song for last - 'Still The Fight Goes On' is brilliant and spine-tingling all at the same time.


Whilst not being the AOR dream of their first two classics ('Indiscreet' & 'Tough It Out') I'll go on record to say that this is the album that should have followed those two classics. Yes, it is THAT good! A lot has been written of the solo ventures of various members of the band which include So!, Shadowman and The Ladder. None of these matter as FM are back with a vengeance and parp in their heart. 


I am honestly squeeing at the thought of seeing the band play these songs live. So see you at the front during their UK tour in May/July...