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Written by Matt Blakout   
Friday, 02 April 2010 05:00

dangerangelListening to this is like watching 'Decline Of The Western Civilisation Part 2' - it takes you back and you love the familiarity of it but it's just not really that good, is it?


All the bands who got left behind after G'N'R, Ratt, Crue, got signed, were left behind for the reason that, they weren't actually very good really, were they? Danger Angel sits truly in this category. Surprisingly from Houston and not L.A. they have a signature sound that just sounds like all those bands that were left behind in L.A.


Now this may appeal to a certain market as everyone who understands this genre will know exactly what they're getting, a bit like walking home from the video shop with 'Death Wish 2' tucked under your arm.


I'm very much surprised to see Jeff Scot Soto being linked here as the guy is quality. The Perris Records blurb states 'typical Hard Rock and AOR style' yet every song is straining for a chorus and when the drums, bass and guitars are actually playing at the same tempo it's kind of ok, but this doesn't happen too often. The record info likens them to Jovi and Europe but it's just not in the same ball park song writing wise.


I can't really liken the band to anything but to say the clock really stopped on these guys around 1987 and they haven't been influenced by anything that's come after. On times singer Ethan Chionos is doing his best Axl impression but it's all so...well....not quite there. They would do better to toughen up and lose the keyboard.  Not really a single song on this that I could sink my teeth into, just average aor/rock and if it works for you then that's all good by me.