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Written by Ross Welford   
Monday, 09 April 2012 05:30

burningcrowsNorwich four piece The Burning Crows are here to deliver us their debut EP and it's not a bad effort, full of British based rock 'n' roll.


With hints of The Quireboys and UFO, you'd be forgiven for thinking they were Mogg-related but the fact is they just take the elements that make those bands great, they've even roped in Nick Brine (The Darkness/Springsteen/Oasis) to add a touch of class to proceedings.
Opening up with 'Slow Up.Get Down' is a pretty decent start - it's full of gusto, bravado and high tempo energy that will get your foot tapping and head nodding within a minute, plus a great guitar solo that could've been longer - 12" version needed!


Track two 'You, Me, Tonight' introduces the much loved cowbell to proceedings and is a foot stomping romp that not only gives us some Quireboys/Stones style "whooing" but also shows us that they aren't a million miles away from a good time Poison track - just done whole heartedly British. Third track 'Time' slows it down and here the Quireboys vibe really kicks in - no surprise that Quireboy Keith Weir guests to play keyboards on this track. You can really imagine Spike and Co singing this so I'm guessing that can only be a compliment to their song writing abilities.
'Going Down' is where I get a little bit blasé about them; it's an okay track but nothing more than that, saved only by some good guitar work. So that leads us into the final track, 'Best Damn Everything', and it redeems them to put them back on track. This time they go a bit more straight ahead hard rock the likes of which UFO or Bad Company might produce and has everything you want in this type of band with each member stepping up to lay down some great sounds.
Apparently a demon live band, The Burning Crows have got enough to compete with the rest of the British wannabes such as Voodoo Johnson, Voodoo Six and Heaven's Basement but whether it's enough to rise above any of them is questionable. There are a lot of bands out there at the moment that are doing this type of rock and the pond is filling up quickly with faceless and bland bands so the need to stand out and soar higher and be different is now.


To pick up a copy of 'Never Had It So Good [Explicit]' - CLICK HERE