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Written by Rob Watkins   
Saturday, 07 April 2012 05:15

morrowuseSophisticated rock forged with head-banging riffs, lyrics that speak to the masses and melodies that resonate in your soul. This depicts the elusive sound of Metro-Detroit's up and coming band, Morrow's Memory.....


Well, that's what they say.


A short piano piece, 'Eternal Rest', introduces the opus, banging it up a tad straight into 'Abandoned'. Alter Bridge and all those musically likened boys spring to mind influence-wise; some good chord progressions, guitar riffage and a decent enough vocal performance from Tony Fitchett.


'Taken', 'Evolve' and 'Let You Down' all slip into the heavy rockin' category of good musicianship, music to shake your locks to but with no accessible musical commerciality. 'The Road' does, though, offer up a hint of commercial folk/prog on this acoustic led tune but without the essential killer choral arrangement that this song probably deserves. 'Behind Your Beauty' stays on the mellow side, fairly reminscent of the more commercial, slower aspects of, say, a band like Stone Sour, before 'Fall In Line' steps it back up a musical gear.


'Hero In The Dark' and title track, 'Moving Forward', close the release; again decent tracks but lacking the all important hooks that would adhere this group to the world's rockin' masses, although this is a fine overall band studio engagement with some great guitar work from Joe Wolford.


Morrow's Memory - Moving Forward? That's the big question.


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