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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 16 April 2011 06:00

derellas176Trashy, brash, noisy and full of snot. Might sound like the inside of any London phonebox (remember them?) but this album, which has been around for a little while, was a reasonably pleasant surprise when it rolled out of the speakers.


Plenty of glam/punk on offer here; 'Crash And Burn' is loud and snotty and sloppy in all the right places and more than enough to grab my attention. Methinks there has been more time spent on feeling good and having a great time writing and recording than putting these songs down onto vinyl (or plastic as the case may be) but it sounds like a good time and that comes across especially on 'She's A Pistol' which has singer Robbie sounding like none other than Mr Billy Idol when he's got his Gen X head on, which isn't far from one of the trashy, punky inspirations for this here collection of good times. 'Freakshow' sounds like the Pistols weren't too far from the inspirational font when this was penned, along with some neat Bam Bam style drumming going on. Just imagine marrying The Dogs D'amour with the Sex Pistols? Well, if that tickles your fancy then maybe you'll get off on the DeRellas sound.


We're on a bit of a roll with 'She's A Pistol', 'Freakshow' and 'Everything Jaded' when you think the song might just fall apart at any moment, it's that loose yet thoroughly enjoyable at the same time. To play music like this is something of a passion because, barring a miracle, they ain't ever gonna be rich and live in the Hollywood hills. But who cares? The "whoah-ohs" on 'Jaded' are trashy enough to have been lifted off the Dolls but if you're gonna pilfer then why not pilfer off the best, right?! 'Something To Say' gets me thinking of The Ruts if they wore a bit of glitter and drank Thunderbird wine.


Just when you think things are going swimmingly and you're really enjoying an album things have to go a bit tits up. The inclusion of 'You're So Vain' as a trashy cover version really does nothing and sounds like a rehearsal muck about and doesn't work for me at all. Maybe it's because Faster Pussycat did a decent effort of it in the late 90s, even though this version is much trashier. For me it has no place here and takes a bit of gloss off what is otherwise a tidy album. Before the album finishes you have the Stooges influenced hypnotic riff of 'Auto Destruct' which sounds more mature and dare I say it more serious than the other songs on offer and does a decent job of capturing that whole garage punk hybrid that Iggy and The Stooges left us. 'Hollywood Monsters'; I'll have a bit of that thanks.


The DeRellas have also released a new single that can be downloaded from iTunes (by savages) or lovingly purchased (by the cool kids) on lipstick red vinyl. The double A-side features 'She Kissed The Gun', inspired by the crazed antics of bewigged uber-producer Phil Spector, and a tasty cover of 'Baby Baby' from The Vibrators creating a trash-fuelled release that just dripped cool all over the carpet.