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Written by Dave Prince   
Thursday, 07 April 2011 05:00

livid-smHaving never heard of a band and then getting a request to review them is great because you can give an unbiased view of their music....and that's how I find myself listening to LiViD and their debut album 'One'.


Opener 'Freakshow' blasts out of the speakers and I'm hit with the undeniable feeling of The Darkness-style vocals, mixed with a solid band. Now I know that may not be some people's cup of tea but if you dismiss the band on that one song you will be missing out on a band with great potential.


'Don't Hate The Player' is another slice of retro rock that harkens back to a time when rock ruled and people just cared about what shade of eye-shadow to wear. 'The Supafly' is up next with its slinky riff sneaking up on you and hitting you over the head with a baseball bat! 'Devil Bones' is more of the same, although this has a slower groove which reminds me of Cry Of Love' which is never a bad thing. 'Slide Song' is literally that, which makes me believe that the band is very apt at playing various styles but not without a sense of humour.


Halfway through the album and we're at 'Deserve' which is a very good ballad which, with its acoustic feel and almost softly spoken verse and chilled out vibe, is a welcome breather in an otherwise rocking album. 'Lost Lady Saloon' reverts the album back to its former rocking state. It's on this song that the band again remind me of the Hawkins brothers newly reformed band! Although to be fair the influence on singer Psy Ward's vocals are evident from the word go! 'Paraffin' has an almost identical riff to 'Immigrant Song' which is no bad thing but we've heard that before and need new stuff!


'Whatcha Doin' To Me' is a strange one as the riff reminds me of a couple of late 80s/early 90s bands that I used to see down the Naval on a Saturday night. And now we're on the finishing stretch with only 'Way Past' and 'Can't Find Home' left to get through; the former is another mid-paced rocker which is nothing special and the latter is a piano and acoustic based ballad and reminds me of Saigon Kick's slower songs which, for me, is where the band's strength lies as they show a more mature side to their song writing.


A good start for the band but to tap in to their potential they need to hone their skills a bit. At the moment it's kinda like having a local football team entirely made of Premier League strikers - all great individually but to me that's not a team...