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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 27 April 2017 04:30

Barrio Tiger - Ave MariaWhat a fuckin' record! From the opening salvo I knew this was gonna be a hold on tight, hard rockin' ride of stunning calibre. It's like a punked up rock and roll bar fight between Born Loose and The Humpers. The speakers are rattling and the guitars are slung low, then were counted in and off we roll.  'Pete's Dragon' is a barfight of an intro with fists flying: it's punching the air as the shots get sunk to a soundtrack of killer loud rock and fuckin' roll! 


Hold on, because 'Dying To Live' is taking over where 'Pete's Dragon' left off.  With a bass run that's just insane, it's got a Motörhead attitude with some tasty gang vocals and drumming that's huge but loose as it drives the spirit of this bad boy. 'Fading' is treading the ground that Social Distortion should be stomping (but ain’t). We’re only three songs in and the big guitar licks are wearing me down, in the best possible way: I'm loving this record already.  I should have known coming out on Ghost Highway was all the recommendation you and I needed.


'Let's Play Dumb' is exactly that.  Full of snotty lyrics belted out over an even snottier guitar riff as the rhythm section groove like fuck: it's like meeting up in the car park for some fisticuffs with The Four Horsemen and Guns n Roses pre-Appetite when they were full of themselves and had been listening to Rose Tattoo and The Dictators.  'Enough' is the sleaziest yet, with gritty lyrics that don't give a fuck and a riff to match.


I wasn't sure anyone was making full throttle rock ‘n’ roll records anymore, but this bad boy is a breath of fresh air - no question about it.  It’s a middle finger right in your face by some guys who don't care for modern music rules nor what's PC: there is definitely zero fucks given right here right now!



The songs are short and certainly sharp, bullshit free and strutting round my speakers like they know the score - and with 'Ave Maria' they know how fuckin' good this record is! They even save the best until last as 'Bullet' is the longest song on offer at a prog bustin’ four minutes one second.  Damn, this record has just kicked my backside from pillar to post and I like it so much I'm playing it again and then again some more. 


Don't hang around waiting for a rock ‘n’ roll band to turn it up to 11… it's here and it's waiting for you: c'mon dive in.


‘Ave Maria’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


Barrio Tiger play The Lounge on Wednesday 3 May.


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