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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 21 April 2017 04:00

a2781813121 16Skater punks from Bristol Fifteen Years have just released a six track EP, and whilst it might not be my go to style of punk rock there is enough here to raise an eyebrow. 


I'm not a fan of the double bass pedal (if it’s not then I apologise) and neither do I like the Steve Harris glugging Maiden bass style, but I am a fan of songs that have the energy of 'Sail Away'; it's easy to see that this band of Bristolians love themselves some Fat Wreck Chord bands, and their haphazard gang vocals on the otherwise tasty 'Suburban Wasteland' sounds like something off the 90s punk/metal crossovers that were really popular. 


Personally, I much prefer 'Mary', which works from a Jerry Only Misfits hybrid way.  They sound like they're having a lot of fun and living out their dreams playing the music they love and doing it very well it must be said.


'Rise And Fall' is the standout track on this set, and a punchy bit of street punk/metal is where they work best: but I'm struggling with the bass and bass drums - if they were paid by the amount of notes hit by the bass player, they'd be making Green Day summer festival money. But, alas they’re not and they won’t.  


To end this brief encounter, they hit their stride and 'Reason To Believe' is their strongest hand.  It's more modestly paced and works well.  We might not be on the same page musically but I'm glad to see any band pick up an instrument and write their own material - all power to them.  One man’s feast is another man's poison. 


I hope Fifteen Years is in relation to their age and not the stretch they get when they catch up with me for this review! Good effort but not for me this time.

‘Welcome To Hell’ is out now. You can buy your copy HERE.


Fifteen Years play The Red Lion in Bristol, with Natterers and Atterkop, on Tuesday (25 April).


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