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Written by Jonni D   
Tuesday, 18 April 2017 04:00

In Death artworkAustralian death metal bruisers In Death certainly know a thing or two about making connections. In their relatively short history as a band, they have collaborated with former Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader on their EP ‘Thanatos’, and utilized Hertz Studio Poland for the mixing and mastering of this debut full-length, ‘The Devil Speaks.’ Hertz Studio was responsible for the production and engineering of Behemoth’s ‘The Satanist’, widely considered to be a classic of the extreme metal genre. Given such calibre, it’s unsurprising that ‘The Devil Speaks’ sounds positively gargantuan, with mammoth grooves oscillating out the speakers like the underside of an elephant.


Of course, it would all be for naught if the record merely sounded good.


Thankfully, In Death are a well-oiled machine, delivering to the point death metal with a formidable deftness.


From the off, ‘The Devil Speaks’ is a bludgeoning listen but opener ‘Malignancy Eradicated’ showcases an ability to incorporate accessible vocal hooks without undermining the accompanying musical onslaught. Vocalist Krugga sets himself apart from all of the indiscernible stylings of certain frontmen in death metal with an enunciated delivery that only adds to the power of these songs. The aforementioned first song and ‘Bow To Your Master’ feature massive refrains that evoke early Sepultura as much as they do Morbid Angel.


While ‘Malignancy Eradicated’ displays an almost djent-style precision to the riffing, albeit without sounding overly mechanical, it’s ‘The Pitfalls of Immortality’ that provides the first of many monumental groove parts. The pre-released and aptly titled ‘Godzilla’ is monstrously heavy, with juggernaut riffs that lumber along with devastating impact before culminating with a well-executed breakdown section. In Death doff their cap further to hardcore on ‘Fuck Your Kind’, and while deathcore may be a dirty word in some circles, In Death emulates the best of the genre à la Despised Icon or All Shall Perish.


The stand out track ‘Every Burial’ finds the band at their most diverse; a wonderfully retro verse section in the vein of Death and early Obituary cascades into a more contemporary sounding crescendo, with a throttling intensity from the rhythm section. All credit is due to the band for making the mostly instrumental title track entirely engaging throughout its five minute runtime; essentially a riffola of several extreme passages, the collection of blasting riffs alone is enough to hold one’s attention.



There’s nothing particularly innovative going on here, but when the songs are this crushing, that’s a fairly moot point. ‘The Devil Speaks’ is suitably brutal, but accessible death metal, performed with forceful prowess across the board. At a succinct eight songs in length, this is an aural assault you’ll want to experience a few times.


‘The Devil Speaks’ is released on Friday (21 April). You can buy your copy HERE.


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