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Written by Matt Phelps   
Friday, 22 April 2016 03:40

beholdercover300Progressive metallers Beholder return with their third album, 'Reflections'. Having worked hard to capture their live ferocity for this new album Beholder now possess an album that is raw with a savage edge and pulsing with twisted riffs and raging vocals. Previous albums, the 2009 debut 'The Awakening' and its 2013 successor 'The Order Of Chaos', helped put the band slap-bang on the metal map but with 'Reflections' they're set to step up a division into a league of their own.


The opening salvo of 'Frozen Steps Of Utøya' and 'I. Machine' introduce you hard and fast to the band's inimitable bruising style. The production is sharp and lethal, cutting like a surgical blade into your soul. The lurching 'Heal The Wounds' is deep with shadows but there are also many stunning moments of light that unfold throughout 'Reflections' in the most unexpected of places. The likes of 'Killing Time' and 'Army Of One' both march to a steady, hypnotic pace, the pair keeping the band's true metal heart beating firmly while Simon Hall, one-time Handsome Beast, bellows out devastating vocals along the way. His vocals are certainly the wicked icing on a deliciously dark cake.


The solos, the rhythms, the riffs, all as solid as concrete, the musicianship here faultless and as captivating as Hall's aforementioned vocals. The surging power of penultimate track 'My Revolution' is a tune I think perfectly defines the levels of brilliance 'Reflections' has to offer. A real high point on a British metal album whose peak moments could rival Snowdon. The last track, 'Speak To Me', is another fine cut, a remarkable parting shot that sums up Beholder's style and breadth of creativity in a little over six beautifully crafted minutes.


The whole thing is pretty relentless from start to finish. There's a lot going on with melodies and hooks laced continually throughout 'Reflections' keeping it fresh and exciting. It's impressive that this whole project was funded by a Kickstarter campaign that hit its goal in less than two hours. With the final result, these ten blistering tracks, there can be no denying that Beholder have repaid the faith shown by their fans in spades.