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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 01 April 2015 03:40

guitarblood300Taking off the Hammer Studio That Dripped Blood artwork courtesy of Graham Humphreys (he who painted the original Lords covers), the one, the only peerless Brain James is here in the house with a brand new record containing ten tracks, each one as sharp as the next.  


The pen may be mightier than the sword but that telecaster trumps the lot, especially when it's in the hands of a master craftsman like James. The words, full tilt and turned up to eleven sound like they were penned for him and on this opener it's spine tingling how raw yet majestic it is.


As far as I'm concerned there are only a few truly innovative axemen who make me go weak at the knees every time I hear them crank up the speaker and run their fingers across the strings and I'm thinking, damn man, how does he do it? Well, take a bow Mr. James - along with Keith Richards, Wayne Kramer and Andy McCoy there aren't many contenders for the crown of guitar great.


'The Guitar That Dripped Blood' has it all from the opening chaos that rings round your head when 'Becoming A Nuisance' gets a make over and the faders are left open and the needle hits the red the hair on my arm stands to attention as James hacks and slashes out the rhythm along side former Dead Boy Cheetah Chrome on what is nothing short of a stupendous opener - not since the Lords played it has it sounded so beautiful, and even though I've never heard a demo or studio version with Stiv singing this is the next best thing for sure and a blinding opener it is too.


'Regulator' continues the momentum with Adam Becvare adding his voice to proceedings on another guitar slinging swashbuckling nugget. On a record containing ten tracks this is straight-up, honest to goodness loud warts 'n' all rock 'n' fuckin' roll. I just can't get enough of it, from the sloppy laid back 'Walking Around Naked' to the full throttle of 'Not Invited' this is a master craftsman at work.


It's not all blunderbuss shock 'n' awe as James kicks back on 'When The Rains Come' as he squeezes every last drop out of his wailing telecaster. Strap yourself in for some MC5-inspired 'Hindsight' that again seriously kicks your backside. 'Insaning' sees Brian get his groove on as he trades vocals to great effect.


In the home straight James gives us 'Baby She Crazy' and the excellent 'Hail Mary', again with Becvare on vocals on a superb number that could easily have fitted in with any of the Lords albums.


I have no idea how long these songs have been stockpiled in the Brian James vaults but I'm sure as hell delighted this album has seen the light of day. Coming out as part of a Record Store Day exclusive in limited coloured vinyl this is a must own for anyone who's been a fan of any of Brian's previous bands and it delivers everything you'd want an iconic guitar slinger to dish up. I only hope it's the start of something and isn't the last we hear from him for many years because on the back of 'Grand Cru' and 'Damned If I Do'  this is most welcome and the best piece of work he's done in a long, long time.


Legend delivers a blood curdlingly good album, now go and pick up a copy and revel in what a guitar is supposed to sound like.