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Written by Gaz E   
Wednesday, 30 April 2014 03:20

gaytruckerscoverArriving at URHQ with a cover note that simply said "We think you should hear this" this new album from a French band previously unknown to us certainly piqued the interest. And not just because of that mysterious note either.


No, just one glimpse at the cover of 'Police Department' from Gay Truckers (good luck Googling that to find more information on the band - trust me) informed me that I was in for a treat as soon as I slipped the plastic out of the digipak.


Y'know how sometimes you just know that something is gonna push all your buttons before you've even heard a note? Well administer that thinking here.


Hailing from Trelins in France, Gay Truckers consists of a bunch of ne'er-do-wells who, while going at least several hundred miles around the block in punk rock bands too numerous to mention, have settled in a pulsing punk 'n' roll groove that is as debauched, dirty and downright delectable as you would hope from a band as keenly-monikered as this.


Clad in matching police department shirts Gay Truckers immediately give off a smart Gluecifer/Chuck Norris Experiment vibe, and that doesn't stop at the stage wear. Throw in the grimy sexual deviation of Turbonegro and the gutter rock 'n' roll suss of Radio Dead Ones and, if you're in with the in-crowd, then you'll already know that you're onto a winner.


Songs like 'Party Animals', with its epic intro and terrace chant of a chorus, 'Sex Drug Army', and closing track 'Death To Pigs' fly the glunk flag high, and for every punked-out thrasher like 'V.H.S.' there's a tune like 'Perfect Girl' that, at times, threatens to fall into early Hanoi territory.


And who could truly resist an opening track called 'Peter Crouch' which, yes, pays homage to the English footballer and mutates his Liverpool-era chant "He's Big, He's Red, His Feet Stick Out The Bed" into one of the choruses of the year? Not me that's for sure.approved image lrg 2013


Sleazy, lubed-up French glunk rock par excellence.