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Written by Dave Prince   
Wednesday, 06 March 2013 03:45

Wild RoseHere we have Wild Rose with main man Andy Rock at the helm. Formed back in 2004 by Mr Rock, the ‘band’ took their time in finding the right people for the job, and in vocalist David A Saylor, rock has found a diamond.


Last year the band finally released their debut ‘Half Past Midnight’ and quickly got their motors running into gear to record their second release, the one I am now listening to here. Yes, ‘Dangerous’ is finally upon us, which is a testament to the drive and determination of both Rock and Saylor.


Opening rocker ‘Alone’ has the Andy Rock guitar stamp all over it, as does pretty much the rest of the album, but none more so than this song. It’s that good it actually sounds like it came from some ‘90s action film soundtrack!


Next up is ‘Hold On’ and boy can Saylor sing… I think this guy could possibly be a shoe in for my top 30 vocalists list, and Andy Rock really has done a fantastic job with the song writing and production.


With a quality album like this under their belt, I honestly cannot wait to hear more from the band and to see them live. So AOR Heaven my call to you would be to get the band touring as soon as possible, because music and songs as good as these deserve to be heard in a live setting.


For me ‘If You Still Love Me’ is an infectious slice of pure AOR bliss that elevates this album to true greatness, and is still stuck in my head two days after my first listen. Also a close second is ‘I Won’t Forget’ which is an ‘80s anthem if every I heard one!


‘Dangerous’ then is the sound of a band gelling together to release an almost perfect West Coast sounding melodic rock album.




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