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Written by David Prince   
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 06:35

bangalorechoirontarget3jv7My memories of buying this album the first time around are flooding straight back......


What a great time for music 1992 was.....Danger Danger had just released their best work in 'Screw It!', KISS were experiencing a career high after a devastating low (the release of 'Revenge' after the death of the much missed Eric Carr) and the release of this now classically underrated hard rock masterpiece.

This remaster is courtesy of AOR Heaven and the album has been remastered by Martin Kronlund in Sweden and now comes complete with the promo video of 'Loaded Gun' which as I have never seen is a nice touch... now onto the actual album.

Opening with 'Angel In Black', vocalist David Reece (ex Accept) warns us of dealing with an ex, which then leads us straight to the then single 'Loaded Gun' which I remember dancing to back in 92-96 with such gusto that I have actually been given the nickname of Bangalore/Ted Poley's Bone Machine as per my numerous requests for these two during these AOR-lite years and still to this day I am called this.

Next up is 'If The Good Die Young' which is a mid-paced rocker that gives the message to live your life like no tomorrow. 'Doin' The Dance' is the kind of sexy groove rock that kind of killed the scene, in that you honestly could not take the band and said lyrics seriously...although I love it!

One of my favourite all-time songs can be found on this album and that is 'All Or Nothin' - this song is near perfect. Another great song is the album closer of 'Just One Night' and these two songs were on practically every mixtape I made between the years of 92-02.

What I actually love about this remaster is the clarity of the sound and the low end has been improved ten fold. So thank you to Martin Kronlund for helping me relive my youth and to letting the good times roll once more.