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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 25 March 2010 08:00

absolutebeltersBelieve it or not but I'd written a cracking review for this album but, whilst pogoing around the room, I accidentally jumped on the lead and sent the computer crashing to the floor and the fucker got wiped! How fitting I thought whilst listening to 'Glorious Victorious' and, seeing as it was only half 10 in the morning, is it too early to crack open a can or two and whack the cd on again with a little more volume? 


Pompey yob rockers The Absolute Belters are in the house boys and girls and with a sound that could only ever come out of Blighty the eleven songs on offer sling some heavyweight influences into the grooves and tip 'em out the other end in one hell of a melting pot sort of way. With influences ranging from a little bit of ska and original Britpop like The Who and more than a spoonful of 70's punk with some Jam poured in, this album simply crackles and fizzes from start to end. If you want riffs, they got 'em, Clever lyrics? Tick. Storytelling and humour? tick. Change of pace and variety? Tick. It's got the jewson lot methinks.


With a sound that's edgy, fresh, new and old (confused?), you'll know what I mean when you listen to it - the influences are there for all to see. This album is a place where styles clash but it  works. You can hear a bit of the Manics here and some Jam there, as well as some Pistols and Clash. I can imagine we'll hear these yobbos on the radio - the world could be their oyster but there is a lot more grit in the songs than any of the Britpop malarky. 'Blue Flashing Light' kicks off and with some guitar skankin' the final riff could be Rage Against The Machine! Honestly! Imagine an opening song that has all that in its grooves - it all seems a bit mental but by jove it fuckin' works. 'Home Made Revolution' has a melody nicked right off Paul Weller's The Jam.  I'm sure Oasis will be another band they will get referenced to but The Absolute Belters have a wider sound than just knocking out sub-Beatles songs and this lot can sing unlike the Mancs mob. Perhaps Towers Of London could have sounded like this if they hadn't sold out and grew some bollocks!


With the right breaks 'Glorious Victorious' could fly and become a massive success for The Absolute Belters no doubt about it. In case you're wondering, the song that knocked my pc was the wonderfully called 'Bollox To The Bouncers'; a right yarn about kicking it off! (well, what else would it be about?). I'd imagine live in a sweaty pit this song alone could turn grown men into jibbering wrecks, fantastic stuff indeed. A band who sound like they're on a mission and enjoying every minute of the trip with one or two cheeky winks here and there - they'll drink your beer and finger your sister and leave your ears feeling like they need a trip to the G.U.M clinic for the once over. 'Glorious Victorious' is an absolute belter and a right proper cheeky set of tunes. Ones to watch make no mistake about it.