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Written by Gaz E   
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 08:30

being747Could it be that the missing link of this rock 'n' roll world is a rock concept album based on the work of Charles Darwin?


If it is then the cycle is complete as Being 747 debut the first two songs from the modern rock opera that is Amoeba To Zebra. Confused?


Amoeba To Zebra - A Natural History Musical 4.6 Billion Years In The Making, is a 55 minute, 14 chapter multi-media natural history musical that tours the UK's schools educating the nation's youth via the sounds of Huddersfield's premier astound-o-pop trio Being 747. Seriously. Being 747 consist of ex-Landspeed Loungers member Dave Cooke and Paul and Steven Morricone of The Scaramanga Six, the latter a former member of the great Eureka Machines. If you have ever heard The Scaramanga Six then you will already have half a clue as to what to expect, but now they've gone batshit bonkers and have come for your children!


How cool must it be for these guys to come and play this crazy shit in your school?! I'd like to say that it is most definitely more rock 'n' roll than any biology teacher but mine (Bill Biol - legend) used to get drunk at dinnertime and feel the girls' arses in the afternoon, so perhaps this is the next most outrageous. "An indiepop cross between War Of The Worlds and Walking With Dinosaurs" is how some unknown source described the Amoeba To Zebra evolutionary opus.


Available on CD and as a download from those crazy bastards at Wrath Records, this two track release is possibly harder to like if you have no idea about the circumstances from which it has been hatched. Of course, I have just poorly explained it in the paragraph before last so now you have no excuse for not enjoying these two songs that will slowly mutate your body into a human question mark. 'Shake Your Backbone' really is about a bizarre worm-like creature developing a primitive endoskeleton. It is also about three minutes of geek rock meets power pop that sounds like it was made by three blokes who have drunk the contents of a Petri dish that was placed underneath the recently washed Animal Kwackers costumes. 'Reigning Reptiles' is a spoken word history lesson on our scale-covered chums stretched over a nerd wave combination of guitar, keyboard and dinosaur sounds.


I can heartily recommend that every one of the millions of headmasters and mistresses who read Über Röck should book the Amoeba To Zebra extravaganza for their pupils to enjoy. All children reading this; resist the temptation to check out that latest Helix review and start a petition to get these educational enigmas into your school. Who knows, maybe white lab coats will one day replace ass-less chaps as standard rock 'n' roll attire.