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Written by Tazz Stander   
Monday, 22 March 2010 07:00

Big_Ball_SleeveTrying to find out anything about Big Ball before their debut album 'Hotter Than Hell' hits the streets on March 19th had me using all my Jessica Fletcher skills to track down the band. Then lo and behold a quick Wikipedia lesson latter and we find out the following about Big Ball mainman Thomas Gurrath.


Death 'n Rollers, Maggotcunt rename themselves Debauchery in 2002 then, following a fight onstage in 2006, the 'Kill Team' are employed - a revolving musician team supporting Thomas Gurrath as session musicians. The same Thomas has now given birth to Big Ball and they have rush released an album called 'Hotter Than Hell'.


So there you are ladies and gentlemen that is a brief evolution of the man known as Thomas Gurrath and there you have all the facts. 


With a misson statement that proclaims, "Big Ball sound like they're Australian, but they come from Germany. Big Ball is hotter than hell and yet, still cool! If you think AC/DC sucks you will hate us! To all others: Let Us Rock!", I'm inclined to believe that a lot of AC/DC fans will not take too kindly to this bold statement, as a fair amount of those fans who I know are also Airbourne haters, and personally I thought they did a fairly good imitation on their first full album.


Anyway Big Ball are brilliant musicians, all three of them (Thomas joined here by Lady Demon and Kathy on guitar and drums respectively), and the production by long-term Debauchery producer Dennis Ward is as tight as a camel's arse in a sandstorm.


But to me Big Ball sound like they are covering Airbourne who have covered AC/DC, and I'm not so sure if I actually like this. Then again, Big Ball have got the fun element to their music that Airbourne lacks and with tracks called 'Porna Lisa', 'Hell, Whores And High Heels' and 'Rock 'n Roll Stomper' they've kinda got my vote on the cool factor already.


Some people might think that it's time to celebrate Udo-like high vocals, big guitars and ridiculously booze drenched rhythms, and did someone mention Steel Panther without the irony? 


Well you might just be thinking of Big Ball then, but are you ready to get 'Hotter Than Hell' as the Big Ball enigma support Stallions of the Highway Saxon throughout Europe throughout March?