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Written by Tazz Stander   
Saturday, 13 March 2010 08:00

Something_For_You_V6Voodoo Six play two kinds of music - rock 'n' roll, and they somehow manage to encapsulate more of this raw energy and passion within this 5 track EP than many other hard rock groups could hope to attain through their entire discography. A more credible, technical and immediate rock sound you'll be hard pushed to find in any UK band right now. Where a lot of other bands are dull and flaccid, these boys pop up like a big old tent, and if properly pimped by their management, they could easily find their way on to the hard rock charts and radio stations worldwide.


Let's move on to what it really is about: hot, animalistic rock 'n' roll, which we get in very perfectly executed doses. 'Something For You' opens this digital download only EP, with the band rolling out of the garage and heading out to the highway with enough grit to melt the ice caps of Alaska and a thirst big enough to drink all the bourbon in Tennessee. I thought it quite fitting to have an EP called 'Something For You', showcasing Luke Purdie as new vocalist as well as using it as a bridge between their last album and their imminent new album.

It is testament to the incredible musicians that make up Voodoo Six. The duelling twin guitar solos that are versatile and extraordinarily technically proficient are met head on by thundering bass lines and precision drumming by one of the most vociferous drummers in the UK. I've always thought that guitars are for the head, drums are for the chest, and the bass gets you in the groin and these guys most certainly do not mess with my thought process!

Musically, this is still Voodoo Six. The ultra fast twin guitar leads are nothing short of genius and the band collectively continue to make music that has diversity, feeling, power and a unique style.

I'm not going to ramble on about each of the five tracks here, they are called 'Something For You', 'Where You Want Me', 'Take The Blame', 'Live Again' and 'Long Way' respectively.  Just do not miss the interweaving counterpoints of both lead guitars in 'Take The Blame', my favourite track here on this 21 minute senses shattering offering of rock perfection.


'Something For You' may take you on a well travelled road to rock 'n' roll heaven, but this time around the scenery is colossal and Voodoo Six are most definitely setting the bar as high as it goes for classic rock bands around the globe with this release.


Now click on the link below and buy the EP and wait in anticipation for their full length album.