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Written by Nev Brooks   
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 09:00

batracers_largeAfter reading the "blurb" that accompanied this CD proudly stating that "regardless of the passage of time, classic rock and roll finds a way to make it to the surface",  I have to admit I approached this 6 track EP with a bit of trepidation. Trying to find out any background on the guys is virtually impossible online, and one look at the sleeve art that accompanies this release, shows a bunch of guys very much rooted in that classic rock image, as it looks like the photographs were all taken mid 1977. The band's line up being made up of Bill Rennie on lead vocals and bass, Mike Enright on vocals and guitar, Jimmy Enright on vocals and keyboards and Robbie Payne on vocals and percussion


Fair play then that this release really does do what it says on the tin, right from the opener 'Big Cash' which is prime time Styx. 'She Might Be' wouldn't be out of place on a Kiss album, and I can just see Paul Stanley lifting it a level if he were ever to get a chance to cover the track.


'Pull The Trigger' takes us back to the old Styx influence, whilst 'All The Same' is a prog classic in the making (organs at the ready). 'Shayron' meanwhile musically took me back to 'Fly By Night' era Rush, and it might have been the Neal Peart style drums reminiscent of 'By-Tor' from Robbie Payne. Closing proceedings with a cover of Isaac Hayes' very own 'I Thank You' (which was also covered by ZZ Top), Bat Racers is a band that belongs at the High Voltage festival in Victoria Park, so book them up!!!!


This is rock in the classic vein, just listen to that Hammond go, it'll most definitely bring a smile to your face if you like your music as per the description on the tin.