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Written by Matt Blakout   
Tuesday, 02 March 2010 08:00

TREAT20cdg20COVERMy first memory of Treat is when my friend went on hols and came back with one of their long players back in the 80's - can't remember the album but it was good....but not as great as the Motley Crue album I had just listened to. Now after a wait of 13 years along come Treat with a new album and apparently all new sounds and attitude to boot!


Reforming in 2006, Treat are mooting this album as a follow on to the debut 25 years ago - it's that good is the impression they're trying to impart on us.

'War Is Over' kicks off with a strong statement of intent, great hookey song as the blurb promises; Nice arrangement, great vocals, plenty of sing along choruses to get you going. 'All In' - you know the vocals, yes it's definitely Jaime St. James of Black N' Blue-esque and that's not a criticism one bit. Sing along songs again, but they do actually sound very similar to Black N' Blue circa 'Without Love', which is fine by me.


'Paper Tiger' follows with some contemporary sounding de-tuning and Evanescence opera keyboard sounds. Sounding a tad 'Euro pop' on this number but I like the new sounds they've been bold enough to introduce, if only a little, but a little is enough for Treat to be able to get away with it. The usual ballad shows itself with 'Roar'; obviously Journey influenced as any piano ballad can't escape a comparison from, but the chorus is still more Euro influenced to be Journey. Back to rock on 'A Life To Die For' with its lovely "hey ho" chorus. Nicely themed Indian sounding start to 'Skies Of Mongolia' and some fine 'board stabs add to the dramatic feel. The chorus has the feel of a rock band on Eurovision but what the hell, I liked it. 'I'm Not Running' has a Tea Party feel to it (anyone remember those Canadians?) until the chorus that is, then it's back to what Treat do really well. The last tune 'Breathless' has a 'Cheap Talk' Warrant vibe going on with a great chorus.


My only complaint really is the album is too long. They could have left four songs off and the album would have left you wanting more as it is, fourteen songs leaves you feeling Treat OD'd, as great as it is. They could have had a nice mini album to follow up on, but these things aside, whether you're a Treat fan or a fan of this genre, this CD will certainly tick all the boxes. You'll be in for a real.....Treat! Sorry couldn't resist it!