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Written by Jamie Richards   
Thursday, 29 March 2012 05:15

mangooSo when you get an email from Gaz E Luv Bomb telling you he's popped some Mangoo into a Jiffy bag, and it's heading your way via the postman's sack, you know your life's taken a little turn for the weird. But childish jokes about a funny band name can't go on forever, so let's bring this one to a finish, so to speak; to a climax if you will.
So, Finland's Mangoo (now, stop it) offer up their second release, 'Neverland', which turns out to be sixty minutes of distinctly schizophrenic stoner prog, if that's your thing; if indeed it is a 'thing'?
After a small intro the title track saunters in and announces itself as a dark and brooding fuzz-based lumbering rock monster with plenty of 'Floydd-ian' slips. Lead single 'Deathmint' continues the darkened theme, and builds to a dramatic, orchestrated crescendo. It's worth noting that the band sent themselves up in a rather splendidly silly, and heartily recommended, video for 'Deathmint'.
Out of the blue they hit us with a retro rocker, 'Diamond in the Rough', which bounces along on an early Kings of Leon bass line. At unequal intervals Mangoo become part Yes, a little bit Monster Magnet and on occasion classic Uriah Heep. Later on 'Moom' takes the feel of the record slightly away from the prog end of the band's influences for a full-on two minute rock out, which is rather unexpected, as right from the Roger Dean inspired artwork this record makes no secret of where its intentions lie. 
'Neverland' is a heavy, and sometimes engrossing, neatly manicured hedgerow maze of distorted six string histrionics that grow thick with layers of, occasionally off the wall, keyboard work; and it all makes for an enjoyable enough meander, though inevitably you'll be left a little lost, and occasionally bewildered; I guess that could be the point? It's kind of like rock 'n' roll topiary, if you know what I mean? Like any puzzle maze though, you may feel a little relieved to finally find the exit; but that doesn't necessarily stop you going in again sometime.