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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 22 March 2012 05:15

cleaversgirls'Girls In Their Sunday Best' howls with feedback as we get the floor tom hammering away before we're off with the buzz of the guitar before the vocals enter the frey. Lo-fi for sure with the garage punk fuzz on the vocals, this is my second foray into the Cleavers world and I'm enjoying the package even if I haven't got the foggiest what their singing is shouting about but, judging by the song titles, I'm not sure that's of any importance whatsoever.
'Hulk Hands (Cryin' Into My Cafitiere)' is a good stab at suped-up dirty rock 'n' roll and, in well under two minutes, they get the job done and it sounds fine and dandy to me. To take this mother home we've got 'A Casual Box' - yeah, I don't know either, but it skips along to a good rhythm and I'm still on board. It has the slightest hint of The Jesus And Mary Chain going on as well from the lo-fi approach to the feedback and the use of the floor tom, and there's nothing wrong with that now, is there?
Another good effort from the Cleavers in fairness and I still don't know if they're off their heads crazy or goofing around or both but who cares as long as they keep it real and make some good tunes?!