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Written by Ben Hughes   
Tuesday, 15 March 2011 05:00

thefallenHere we have an up and coming UK band to really get excited about. After recently catching this York based five piece supporting Adler's Appetite and being mightily impressed very quickly, I now find myself in possession of their new CD.


Lead track 'The Harbinger' starts with a nice, quality metallic riff, the vocal melody brings to mind LostProphets, the twin guitar harmonies work well, great chorus, the stop/start phrasing in the mid section is nice. They have a very modern, catchy metal sound. I was hoping they were going to be as impressive on disc as they were live and I am not disappointed.


The piano-led 'Ghosts', with added strings, builds nicely to the verse, the twin guitars compliment the epic sound in a way that works so well for Avenged Sevenfold (I don't like the phrase 'power ballad', let's just say it shows the softer side to theFALLEN's song writing). The polished production lends itself well to the massive sounding chorus and, in Johnny Fallen, they have a great singer who is also good at working the crowd. Both tracks are instant and reward with repeated listens.


Also tagged on this CD are two bonus demo tracks, 'Murder She Wrote' and 'Bled Dry', both showing their metal influences that include the aforementioned Avenged Sevenfold, and again both have potential.


What strikes me most about this band is the professionalism, at such an early stage in their career (having been on the circuit for just a year) they feel like an established band. The song writing is faultless, helped of course by the crisp, spot on production job. They also have an image - remember when bands used to look like rock stars? Well theFALLEN do, coming on like a young, modern day Motley Crue, they have the potential to do great things.


It feels like a good time for the British rock scene, there are some great up and coming bands. I feel theFALLEN have that something special that could see them at the forefront of this scene in the months and years to come. Do yourself a favour and catch these guys now, you won't want to regret missing out on the start of something special.