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Written by Ross Welford   
Tuesday, 15 March 2011 05:30

This-Might-Hurt2If you like your rock with a bit of swagger and attitude akin to Buckcherry, then this impressive, polished debut from English five-piece The Treatment should serve you very well indeed. With the Powerage/Classic Rock label pushing the band to the fore, 'This Might Hurt' could make some serious dents in the market place.


Aerosmith, GnR and a touch of AC/DC are the (as usual) reference points but throw in the great talent of singer Matt Jones and you've got a band that hits the highs that Buckcherry can only sometimes achieve. The fact that Jones sounds like Joshua Todd trying to fuck a hyperactive Chris Robinson for the honour of singing on this 11 track showpiece is compelling enough but backed by a band that know when to strangle that note out or just simply let it fade and run free, makes them such a classy act that I've double checked the sleeve notes to check that they've actually written this themselves (for you non-believers.............they have).


'I Fear Nothing' and 'Departed' showcase the band at their best yet belies their age whilst 'Winter Sun' and 'Just Tell Me Why' hit the swagger button so you can imagine what The Black Crowes would sound like if they ever rocked out with their cocks out. The whole disc is packed so full with goodness, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a finger of fudge!


Recorded at Steve Harris's Barnyard Studios, signed by A&R guru Derek Oliver and backed by an experienced manager and label that are on the up and willing to spend on promotion will be enough to get the opposition jealous but the real crown in the jewel is that they blatantly approved_image_lrgdeserve it all.


Strongly recommended.