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Written by Marc Leach   
Thursday, 30 March 2017 04:00

vandroya artworkYou know, nothing beats hearing some good, ole-fashioned power metal. While the genre is predominately recognised as a European musical style it’s always nice hearing something come from a different country; which can be said for Vandroya who hail all the way from sunny Brazil. Having been on the go since 2001 this is the band’s second full length release, so sit back and let them take you 'Beyond The Human Mind'.


Okay so what are the ingredients to power metal? Speed, riffs, earth shaking drums plus high pitched wailing. Vandroya dish them all out for album openers ‘The Path To The Endless Fall’ and ‘Maya.’ Guitarists Marco Lambert and Rodolfo Pagotto dish out a tasty collection of sharp, guitar riffs; while female lead vocalist Daísa Munhoz’s range may sound a little shaky in parts, she remains confident in her cracking set of pipes. The five piece release their inner Deep Purple influence through ‘Time After Time’, where the use of a keyboard/organ is used in the background, adding a rather luscious atmosphere to the track. ‘You’ll Know My Name’ and ‘Beyond The Human Mind’ are two truly haunting pieces where the use of gritty vocals and chunkier riffs just send shivers up this reviewer’s spine.


Oh good listener, the reason why I have saved these two tracks for the end is because they are not only the strongest pieces on this album but they will probably end up in my favourite songs of the 2017. The band trade their cheesiness for a more subtle, pop-rocky style during ‘Last Breath’ and ‘If I Forgive Myself.’ Now, don’t let that put you off but I found they suited this sound more than their metal origin, especially since Daísa’s vocals truly shines as she belts it out for these pieces.


I have to say I didn't know what to expect when I decided to listen to this record but I am pleasantly surprised. An all-round tight performance from the band and while power metal is their main style, the variety of other styles created a nice balance to the record. A good portion of the tracks may be ridiculously long but they are certainly worth sitting down and listening to.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am off to listen to ‘Last Breath’ for the 20th time.


‘Beyond The Human Mind’ is released on 28 April.  You can buy your copy HERE.


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