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Written by Marc Leach   
Wednesday, 29 March 2017 04:30

pyramaze artworkI can’t tell if my computer has the blue screen of death or it’s an album artwork. Fear not, it’s the album artwork! Having been on the scene since 2001 and with a number of lineup changes, Danish power metal band Pyramaze are back with their highly anticipated fifth release, ‘Contingent.’


The thunderous ‘Land Of Information’ is one of the strongest album introductions I have heard in a long time; this is mostly thanks to keyboardist and long standing member Jonah Weingarten’s thick yet symphonic keyboard sounds. With such a huge sound coming from the band, newbie and lead vocalist Terje Haroy's Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens style vocals shines through the wall of sound. Science fiction is obviously the main influence for this record, made evident through not only the album’s artwork but through the atmospheric, ‘Star Men;’ a track which will leave any listener feel like they’re travelling across the universe a warp speed.


While Weingarten tickling the ivories is the stand out feature of this album, the planet destroying rhythm section from fellow long standing member and drummer Morten Gade Sørensen plus session bassist/guitarist/producer Jacob Hansen is second to none. ‘A World Divided’ and the album’s single ’20 Second Century’ are the strongest examples of these traits, plus it’s where guitarists Toke Skjønnemand and Hansen give it all they’ve got through some technical guitar riffage.


The sci-fi adventure continues through the (not just one but) two instrumentals ‘Contingent Part I & II’ where once again Weingarten shows off his immense skill on the keyboard. The listener is also treated to a special guest appearance from a female singer called Kristen Foss who performs a beautiful duet along with Haroy through the operatic ‘The Tides That Won’t Change.’


Before you start this album good listener, I would advise you take a week off from your job because 99% of this album’s tracks are over 5 minutes long. The only downside to this record is that majority of the songs sound the same; that being said the band’s tight performance, brilliant debut for Haroy plus the production from Hansen would certainly tickle any metalhead’s fancy. Especially all you nerdy ones (raises hand).


‘Contingent’ is released on 28 April.  You can buy your copy HERE.


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