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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 28 March 2017 04:30

Tom Baker artworkThis is getting serious now! Rum Bar - you're killing me with the roster of albums being pushed out the door.  Add Tom Baker & The Snakes to that exclusive club of mighty fine bands releasing killer albums and they are all coming out on Rum Bar Records!


Hailing from the east coast of America these cats have put together one hell of a good hard rockin an' rollin' record.  It's a simple formula driven by guitars, where the amps are just nicely overdriven and packin a punch. There's no fancy trickery happening here and they just let the tunes do all the talking, I can tell you there are eleven tunes here that can do all the talking for themselves; Borrowing a sound that hails from the early ‘70s and borrows a riff or two from Mr Wood and those Faces as well as a bit of Ronson and even some Petty and a whole bunch of other champions of guitar based rock n roll.  


The beauty of this record is in the songwriting.  As much as they clearly appreciate what those who've been before them have left as a template they haven't simply gone for a retro sound and mimicked bands like the Faces they've just borrowed the magic dust and sprinkled it over what they do in the 21st century because this record sounds fresh not retro.  They've kept it simple and just kicked ass.  'Waiting For Nothing' is street tough and traditional but fresh and the guitar solos simply sizzle, whereas 'Doll Eyes' is pretty easy on the ears as it chills out - but the chorus is killer, as is the sympathetic solo. My God how isn't this music on the radio around the globe and fans demanding shows in their towns as the good times roll.


There's a glut of fantastic hard rockin' pop pickin' bands out there at the moment and they must all be kicking each other’s backside to raise their game and to keep up, the end result is some great music coming outta America and Europe. Let Tom Baker & His Snakes slither their way onto your radar… make no mistake about it.


The band relax and kick back on 'Needle In The Red' as they channel their inner Westerberg whilst getting all 'Black And Blue' Stonesy on 'Satisfied Fool'.  The seal of quality is the fact it's on Rum Bar Records which should tell you all you need to know about how bloody good this record is.  They finally let us go on 'Say Goodbye' as we all get misty eyed as Tom and the gang drive off into the distance leaving a trail of smoke and destruction and the odd broken heart behind them.  Until next time my rock and rollin' brothers it's goodnight but certainly not goodbye. Now turn up that record player on your way out and pour me another drink! Lets rock!!


‘Lookout Tower’ is released on Friday (31 March).  You can get your copy HERE.


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