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Written by Ben Hughes   
Friday, 24 March 2017 04:30

The Dollyrots - Whiplash SmileAahh...The Dollyrots. They may be too sickly sweet for some, in fact my 18 year old son just walked through the door and asked me why I was listening to Avril Lavigne. But hey ho (let’s go), there's something comforting and instantly familiar with every new album that this Californian power pop duo release. In fact, I don't think Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas could make a bad album if they tried. Also, The Dollyrots happen to be a band who know how to do crowd funding right and use it to their own and their fans best advantage. 


So, following last year's excellent 'Family Vacation' live album/DVD package, they return with their latest studio album and their 4th or 5th (I've lost count) Pledge Campaign. Yep, 'Whiplash Splash' happens to be the title of your new favourite, day-glo, power pop long player. "Does it come on coloured vinyl?" l hear you ask... Of course it does! In fact, if you ordered through PledgeMusic in time, you could have voted on the colour yourself.


I'm gonna begin at the end here, as the album wraps with a cover of Katrina & The Waves 'I'm Walking On Sunshine'. This is the perfect cover choice for them, as it pretty much sums up their sound for the uninitiated. Their version stays pretty true to the original as you would expect from this band. 


They didn't need to do a cover, as the original material on here is strong enough to stand on its own, but why the hell not? The Dollyrots are about fun and 'Whiplash Splash' is fun-fun-fun, from beginning to end. Every one of the 13 tracks on offer are radio-friendly three minute bursts of sunshine that you will swear you have heard before.



'I Do' crashes from the speakers with punky guitars and helium vocals and a chorus more infectious than herpes. I've already referenced the Josie And The Pussycats soundtrack album in a review this year and I'm gonna do it again (I have no shame!). This is over-familiar,  power pop music with buzzsaw guitars, foot stomping, glam-slam drums and the most infectious melodies you are likely to hear this year. 


You will be singing the likes of 'This Addiction' and 'Squeeze Me' for days: instant sickly sweet pop satisfaction is guaranteed. Believe me, you will feel the urge to don mirrored shades and suck a lollipop by the end of this album - and that's a fact pop pickers!


Three songs in and 'Mermaid' hits, in all its bubblegum glory from the first chords that Luis bashes out. What a hook, the urgent indie beats and killer vocals of the chorus mixed with the dreamy verses make for an irresistible combination, what a killer tune. And don't even get me started on the acoustic driven 'Other Trucker' that pinches from turn of the Century Sugar Ray singles in the best of ways.


'Jump Start This Heart' is the surprise 'ace in the hole' amongst the usual upbeat pop punk on offer. It is a synth led ballad that comes on like prime era Garbage meets Sugababes, Kelly turning her usually helium vocals into something more sultry, soulful and dare i say it...grown up. Radio friendly pop balladry at its finest.



'Whiplash Splash' is the perfect escapism from these dreary times. It's like downing a handful of happy pills and washing it down with Red Bull and pink lemonade. It's upbeat, happy and completely a good way. Like ‘70s Saturday morning cartoons, it's trashy goodness and a definite pop punk shaped guilty pleasure to be enjoyed at high volume. 


The Dollyrots continue to create music without a care in the world and a smile on their faces. It's to be enjoyed in the moment and discarded when you’re done: but watch out, you may well keep coming back for more when you get those blues.


‘Whiplash Smile’ is released today (Friday 24 March) via PledgeMusic.


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