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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 22 March 2017 04:00

BPL coverI've been shot through the heart alright and I'm not about to fight it.  I'm here to testify right here right now that Bullet Proof Lovers have got me hook line and sinker.  It's like primetime Prima Donna hanging with Wyldlife and Biters and about a bazillion other great bands, and they're all looking up to these cats for what's happening next because these dudes can't put a foot wrong. Every song and every note is a certified power poppin’ rock and rollin’ cat on a hot tin roof classic: trust me, I don't say that lightly. From the cover art to the last clash of guitar chords, I wanna be in this gang no doubt about it: where do I sign up?. 


Rum Bar are killing me with the quality of the rekids they keep slinging out the door, because with each release I question if they can get any better – and, knock me down with a feather, every damn time the next one is even better that its predecessor.


From the fuzzy radio search on 'I Am My Radio' it’s like Prima Donna just got better and amped up their writing: it’s that good.  Sprightly, full of cool hooks through to the catchy chorus it’s all killer. I thought I wanted to play my Exploding Hearts record after a few plays, but nah - this is where it's at. That bloody talented swine Kurt Baker is laying the smack down again and again - and boy has he found a top notch band to help him lead the charge..


'Ain't No Joke' is like power pop wearing a wristband and muscle vest: it's cruising for a street fight, shouting"Bullet Proof Lovers, come out to play!"   'Not Your Toy' is familiar like a long-lost friend and boy its swinging its shit around because it knows how fuckin' good it is.  For the next few tracks things are getting serious as the band rock like fuck! (thanks Mr Monroe for that but it does).


It’s not all rockin' and swinging punches there is something for the ladies here 'One Last Night' is a tearjerker and it kicks back and lightens the mood ever so slightly. 


The album offers up 12 tracks that just kick out the jams - no gimmicks, just song after song after song of the highest quality.  If all albums were this bloody good, I'd be broke. I love 'Take It Or Leave It' as the drum leads us along like the finest Clem Burke four to the floor and then the bass and piano joins the party and were away.  What a fine, fine song from the simple yet rock solid arrangement and choice of instruments its devastatingly good.  


It's like the best of '77 punk al a Dead Boys courting the heavy hitting power pop boys and getting down to write some of the 21st centuries finest songs. I'm down with the fact that this is predominantly at pace with The Ramones and as melodic as prime time Blondie, as well as a damn good sprinkling of some fine influences in between.  I am happy to admit I love this record and so would you if you gave it half a chance to present itself to you.


Nobody is bullet proof but were all lovers and listening to this is an absolute blast! Another awesome record for 2017!




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