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Written by Marc Leach   
Tuesday, 21 March 2017 04:30

John 5When it comes to playing the guitar, many of guitarists have put their on stamp on the art. The second a wah pedal is used, the listener will instantly think of Jimi Hendrix (or Kirk Hammett for you metallers) and the instant tapping is used, we of course think of Eddie Van Halen. But, of course, we have our crazy guitarists who the listener go ‘what that fuck?’ One in particular is Rob Zombie guitarist John 5, who continues to show off his wild style with his latest release, ‘Season Of The Witch’.


For those of you who are familiar with John 5’s work, you will know what to expect with his eighth release; but for those who are unsure what to expect then play ‘Black Grass Plague.’ This track is where John 5 and his Creatures show off their vast talent in this high octane piece of material; including a banjo solo! Yes, you read that correctly, a banjo solo. Swept arpeggios and tapping galore is used for the suitably named, ‘Guitars, Tits And Monsters’ and ‘Now Fear This,’ but not just from John 5 himself; fellow creature and bassist, Ian Ross joins in the fun. The country influenced ‘Behind The Nut Love’ slows the pace of the album down for a while as John 5 not only shows off a wide collection tasteful bends but that guitar tone is just beautiful; now I know why he loves Telecasters.


The wankery continues through the quirky yet crunchy ‘Making Monsters’ and ‘Here’s To The Crazy Ones’ with the later track featuring an interesting collection of volume dynamics. Just when you think the band are building to a huge part of the song they then move into a bit of jazz. A good portion of this album’s tracks are roughly four to five minutes long, so in the final three quarters the tracks not only are shorter but they seem almost out of place. While it’s fantastic to hear John 5 all on his own during the Buckethead influenced ‘DDD’ and the beautiful ‘Ode To Jasper,’ they should have been used as gaps between the larger sounding songs.


‘Black Grass Plague’ may have opened the album with a bang but the album’s title track and finale could destroy the universe if played at just the right volume. This track in particular sounds almost as if it was meant to be used for a Rob Zombie album, through both the chunky riffs, terrifying guitar solos and horrific laughter throughout the chorus.


So, if this is the first John 5 album you have ever listened to I am going to ask you this, what style would you list him as? If your head has just exploded then you answered it correctly. While he has never tied himself down to a particular style, he is able to go from country to metal with ease. John 5 has never failed to disappoint when it comes to his music and he continues to do so through both this sensational performance and sensational album that will leave every guitarist listening drooling at the mouth and needing to change their underwear.


‘Season Of The Witch’ is out now.


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