Lesli Sanders – ‘My Eyes Are Greener On The Other Side’ EP (Self-Released) Print
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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 20 March 2017 04:30

Back again for a second stripped back CD without the rest of the band, Lesli has stepped back from his punk and rock and fuckin’ roll to release five melancholy heartfelt stripped bare songs. From the off the sparse arrangements are there for all to see, as its just Lesli and his guitar on 'Here For You', which isn't a million miles away from what the Dogs D'Amour did on the ‘Graveyard’ EP.  Sure, comparisons will be made, and there isn't anything wrong with that, as a beautiful song unfolds; as the strings and piano arrangements kick in it also reminds me of Johnny Thunders when ‘Hurt Me’ came out, with a far sharper production as the opener ebbs and flows from voice and guitar on the verse to the fuller arrangement on the chorus. Impressive.


A solo recording in every sense of the word, as Lesli covers everything from the writing to arrangements to the playing, well, everything! 'My State Of Music' is the flip side to the opener, in as much as the guitar is set aside for the piano, as Lesli and his deep tones walk across your heart strings as he tells his tale and comes across as a humble bloke who lives and loves what it is he's chosen to dedicate his life to. 'Atmosphere' picks up the guitar again and adds texture with some synth arrangements and subtle percussion as its easy like a Sunday morning. 


We kick back and take things easy before the EP highlight of 'Throw Me A Rope' takes you to a serene world for the next 3:40 seconds, and you drift away and let a great song wash over you. To finish, 'As We Fall' is a lovely picked acoustic guitar that will sooth even the most savage beast as the full stop is put on this brief collection of balladeering from the main man out of the Prophets Of Addiction kicking back.


It’s great that he has resisted the temptation to go big on the strings or add a soaring electric guitar solo here or there but rather keeps things simple and just lets the songs do the talking or should that be whispering.  A great side step and five excellent songs. Electric or acoustic Sanders pulls it off with aplomb. 


‘My Eyes Are Greener On The Other Side’ is out now. You can buy your copy HERE.




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