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Written by Dean Glyn Morris   
Monday, 20 March 2017 04:00

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 12.37.44What a time to be alive and what a time it is to be under the spell of blues rock. Them Dead Beats are back with their second EP. None of the energy seen in their live shows is lost here; if anything it's all the more apparent. It's clear that these are the real deal, in any shape or form.


From the get go the boys remind us that they always intend on delivering good times to the Cardiff music scene. The first track, ‘Change’ is one of those faultless build up songs. A somewhat peaceful riff that is up there with the best of garage rock from the early 2000's, accompanied by a surprisingly soft drum beat. But before you know it you can hear the cracks breaking open wider and the rawness that Them Dead Beats are known for comes seeping through. The vocals become those of a wild man and Matt has some of the wildest vocals around. By the end of the track, after the solo that bleeds rust and the drums getting the good kicking they deserve, it's evident the boys are back and have made sure you're ready for the next track.


When somebody mentions a band in conversation your mind will always jump to that one song. Everybody has that one song for that one band. ‘Get Mine’ is that song. It marries everything that Them Dead Beats do best; foot stomping, distortion, killer riffs, ear bleeding drums – simply put: loud fucking filthiness. They each lose their mind here and it's nothing short of a pleasure when Rhys lets loose, beating the shit of his drums. It's like a bowling ball being shot out of a canon in a small windowless room.


Up next is ‘Roll With Me’, now injecting a sense of rock-a-billy into the mix and pulling it off to a perfection. The combination of a jangling bouncy riff and the orchestrated chaos on the drums paints a picture of mad men and mad women in a dancehall losing all self-control, soaked in blood, sweat and tears of pure joy. ‘All I Need’ is possibly their softest track to date but still keeping hold of the raspiness which shines through the three word chorus that I challenge anyone who listens to not be wailing along with it by the second time it comes around.


‘1959’, the fifth and final track, isn't just the closing song it's the closing statement to the argument that is ‘Hang On A Second’ It's telling us that these guys aren't going anywhere and whilst they are here to stay they're going to make you listen and make some magic happen. Blues rock is coming back in a big way, especially in South Wales and Them Dead Beats are putting everything they got into leading the charge and I have to say, they're doing a good fucking job of it.


Buying ‘Hang On A Second’ is doing nothing short of making a solid investment.


‘Hang On A Second’ is out now.


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