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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 15 March 2017 04:30

Telephone Lovers artworkOh, boy power pop is in the house baby and these long distance loverboys aren't calling collect.  they might be reversing the times back to when rock n roll had less complications with genres and formats and jostling for places it was all about who's got the right haircut and who's wearing the cool threads. From the opening stomp of 'Downtown Girl' the guitars are nicely overdriven and the rhythm is phat and proud before the vocals kick in with a very palatable amount of reverb and gang vocals were shaking our shit and losing our minds to the Telephone Lovers and the jams they most certainly are kicking out!


I love it when the needle drops and right from the get go you know that this is gonna be a record that is right down your alley and every song as it sparks to life brings a smile over your face well Telephone Lovers have just kicked a size ten hole into my life  and as 'Without You' rocks and rolls through the speakers my body is bopping and jumping to those steady back beats and already I'm handclapping into the chorus.  Just enough pop and plenty of power the guitar solos are cool as fuck as the wheels of rock and roll keep on turning.


Pretty much every song is between the magic 2:50 and 3:20 mark, which pop pickers is the perfect 7" single length (or it used to be) and so everything on offer here is worthy of being a single and fits like a glove. 'Lil Bit O Money' is halfway between the Attractions jamming out The Exploding Hearts and I love that.  Whilst 'Take You Home' is tougher as it skips along at a great pace and 'Gone For The Summer' evokes some Little Richard or Jerry Lee Lewis keys just to add some fuck you this is the rock n roll malarkey. Oh and some Chuck Berry for the solo if ya don't mind - ye haw!


Forget the 70's influence because 'Saw You Standing There' floats back to the 60's for inspiration.  If this were presented as a collection of long lost hit singles from the 70's you would totally go for it and even wrack your brain trying to remember what year or month 'Turn It Around' was top of the charts. damn these guys sound like they're having a ball.


Apart from picking some super cool band names, Teddy Too Much, Billie Telephone,  Mick Jaguar and Caitlin Grey play super cool songs and if what already gone down doesn't impress you how about the Bowie cool of 'Who's It Gonna Be' or the Dolls influence of my favourite 'At The Station'.


Sure, lots of these licks 'n' riffs have been tried and tested and the sound is also well worn but maybe there isn't enough bands just writing great songs out of what their forefathers have left behind for them to hunt and gather and re craft in the 21st century.  Maybe when the Jags or the Knack were rockin' out they were leaving a marker in the sand for bands in the future to grasp that mantle and run with it and that's where Telephone Lovers come in, because they've picked up that challenge and found out where to source great rock and roll and improve it. Boy, do they improve it. 


Trust me, if any of these bands I've mentioned tickle your fancy then dial in on Telephone Lovers, because they have the chops to improve your record collection tenfold if you give this record a chance. 'No More' from me except to ask why you're still here and not checking them out? Get outta here, as they say in da States!


‘Telephone Lovers’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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