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Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 05 March 2017 04:30

OK, so not the bulging sack I'm used to but I can confirm that this month’s Singles Club is indeed open for business. And, pop pickers, what we don't have in quantity we most certainly make up with quality - from power pop to punk rock to glam rock, we're in like Flynn. Enjoy! I did....


New Trocaderos artworkThe New Trocaderos - 'New Trox' (Bandcamp)


Digital only release from Kurt Baker and Brad and Geoff from The Connections record Mike Chaney's songs in the exciting rock and roll three tuned attack. 


In a nut shell, it’s just a bunch of lifers knocking out some top rock and roll old school where the piano is honking as are the guitars and the melodies are real old school. head over to bandcamp to try before you buy folks and once there I'm sure you'll dig in.


Fukdust4 - 'D.U.M.B' (Self-Released)


Fukdust4 artworkWell, if you've been paying attention you'll already be familiar with these guys - and upon hearing these brand new three tracks you'll be heading over to the shopping cart and picking up yourself a copy of their latest offering.  Before you even hear it, you should have a fair idea of how this might pan out.


Rock and fuckin' roll it does too: from the classic ‘70s inspired TOTP album sleeve, this bad boy is a drop of sheer class punk n roll. Vibrant and loud fukdust4 have the chops and drop tunes effortlessly left right and centre. 'Ventolin', for all you asthma sufferers, is bouncing with energy, so don't forget a few puffs before you start pogoing.  'It Means Nothing To Me' is a furious stab of rapid punk n roll: you hum it and they'll write it and rock like there is no tomorrow.  To think none of these were on last year’s album! A fantastic single!


Poison Boys - 'Bad Mouth' (No Front Teeth) 


Poison Boys artworkChicago punks Poison Boys hail from a place that used to be occupied by Johnny Thunders and bands like the Dead Boys as they get their groove on with 'Bad Mouth'. They spit out the lyrics over some pretty heavy hitting punk n roll guitar licks that would have pleased Cheetah or even a young Wayne Kramer.  'Little Speedway Girl' is a little bit snottier than 'Bad Mouth': I always appreciate those backing vocals - and some Johanson handclaps for good measure is always a bonus. 


These guys musta fell from a time machine because they've got the chops and the tunes are right on the money as bands like DMZ are also called into question on track three, 'Fluctuation': another killer song. Currently joint top spot for kings of this month’s Singles Club chart. Love it!


Tijuana Stranglers - 'Runaround Baby' (No Front Teeth)

Tijuana Stranglers artworkWhat a racket (in the best possible way of course)!   Coming on like CJ Ramone barking out Dee Dee's song wiv Da Brudahs, I do love 'Scode City Riot' and it’s no nonsense kick off.  This four track 7" piece of plastic is courtesy of those wonderful folk at no Front Teeth (again).  Not every day does a band have the drummer as the lead vocalist, so Tijuana Stranglers have something out of the ordinary right there. The songs are short - loud and a shitload of fun.


Another winner from NFT who don't release shit! I was trying to figure out what '54 Chevy' reminded me of and then I got it - Betty Fuckin! Blowtorch. Now, if that doesn't make you want this then your fucked!


Gross Polluter - 'Breakwater Blues' (No Front Teeth)


Gross Polluter artworkMore shouty west coast America punk rock in the house.  Completing a wonderful hattrick from NFT, 'Summertime In February' is attitude upon attitude with a little dash of attitude for good measure. I must admit to loving the keyboard that will drill down into your noggin and let off occasional WTF bombs.  Did I just hear a piano amongst all that chaos? Yup, too right I did punk rockers!

Another great value for money offering of four tracks on one 7" single. It’s slowly growing on me, and the more I play the more I like.


Dr Boogie - 'Peanut Butter Blues' (iTunes)  


Dr Boogie artworkI know pop pickers, not my favourite platform either but, hey, it's Dr Boogie and if they have a new record then I'm listening and it's my duty to tell you about it.  'Peanut Butter Blues' sure has a funky title but man these cats are channelling the spirit of The Faces to great effect and I'm loving it.


Shame it isn't a 7" platter with some B sides ‘n’ all but, hey, next time… and as far as new songs go this one’s fantastic finger lickin' goodness from California. Go check its swagger out.


StrgZ – 'Laune Der Zeit' (Still Unbeatable)


Strg artworkA debut single that features non-album tracks sung in their native German and is prime post-punk alternative guitar rock (if thats such a genre?). Sure, I don't know what they're talking about, but the international language of rock ‘n’ roll is spoken and lead track 'Patty' has a vibe of ‘80s post punk rock about it. Quite classy in fact as it drives on.


Featuring four tracks, I'd go for 'Unterwegs' as my pick of the bunch as it zips along with a solid riff. And, again, four tracks for a 7" is always VFM!


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