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Written by Martin Haslam   
Friday, 03 March 2017 04:30

COVERThe first solo album by Bermondsey Joyriders main man, Gary Lammin, was always going to float my boat. He is nothing if not an interesting fellow. And, with the intent to produce a record that stands apart from his ‘day job’, prepare yourself for a groovy ride, man…


It is an album of contemplation, reflection, and, quite possibly, lying on the floor with your headphones on in the dark. It opens with the spoken word intro ‘All Opinion Will Eventually Change’, which segues into instrumental piece ‘Silver White Shadow’, which could almost be part of Neil Young’s ‘Le Noise’ album. ‘Lost And Falling’ is the first song proper, so to speak, and there is a definite Hendrix vibe; phased electric guitar against a dreamy acoustic, with poetic lyrics. It is actually rather lovely.


‘Last Night I Dreamt I Met My Enemy’, at 7.52, weaves a slow, acoustic blues workout into the ghost of Johnny Cash recounting his dream. ‘Value’ is the sort of thing that The Stones could have pulled off with Brian Jones. No surprise there, given Lammin’s appreciation of Jones as the creative heart of the band.


Ultimately, this album is meant to be a tribute to Lammin’s friend and producer, Dave Goodman, who died in 2005, leaving the bones of this work to be completed. Initially, Lammin was unsure whether to carry on with it, but his perseverance is our reward. ‘Take More Care’ does have a whiff of ‘Satanic Majesties’ about it, while ‘Is That Alright by You?’ recalls The Faces or Humble Pie. ‘Memo To Anita’ is the most like the Joyriders; melding a slide guitar riff to spoken word cool. And there had to be an appearance from the guru-like John Sinclair; see ‘Hey, Mr John Sinclair’, doing his beatnik thang to a Stonesey riff and soulful backing vocals. “Right on” indeed. Righteous stuff!



A reprise of ‘All Opinion Will Eventually Change’ brings us full circle. It is a bit of a trip, but one you will be richer for taking. Psychedelic punk blues? No need for a label, just immerse yourself in the music and enjoy the experience. Man.  


‘Gary Guitar Lammin’ is out now.


Gary Lammin plays an acoustic show at All Ages Records in Camden on 1 April. Read Dom Daley’s in depth interview with him HERE.


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