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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 10 March 2015 04:00

guttercats-beautiful-curseFormed in the Spring of '07 this rag tag group of French rock and rollers taps into the vintage linear once furrowed so elegantly by such giants as the Faces and the New York Dolls and a splash of punk rock 'n' gypsy roll along the lines of Nikki Sudden or the old school glam rock of Mott the Hoople as well as a host of other influences, Guttercats have crafted a very nice twelve-track CD (or just your ten on the vinyl) for your money.
The album doesn't so much as start with intent but it gently struts into the ether and simply lays its cards down then take it or leave it as the song fades in a mist of cigarette smoke. 'Nobody Knows' has an air of '70s glam rockin' Bowie about it or maybe a Lou Reed it sounds like it was written on a steady diet of Bela Lugosi movies, fine wine and cool records. The understated piano rockin' away in the background is the essential ingredient. The mood is continued through 'Dead Lovers Shadow' where Guts Guttercat reminds me of Pete Murphy.
The strings are brought out for 'Death Of A Girl', with its piano lead and laid back guitar accompaniment, a sparse number, whereas The Dogs D'Amour influence shines through on 'Night Of The Vampire' as well as a dash of Johnny Thunders with the cool Sax breaks. This is pretty much the pattern throughout as the band barely breaks a sweat and you can imagine them living on the wrong side of midnight before they come to life and wherever they walk there is a whoosh of dry ice below their knees and a cigarette in the corner of their mouths and most certainly too cool for school.
'Way Down In Hell' does strut more of a rockabilly rhythm obviously they weren't wasting their time listening to those Cramps records. I also instantly liked the piano lament of 'Slow Down' - you keep waiting for it to break out but it's nice that it doesn't.
To close the record you have something of an acoustic version of 'Dead Lovers Shadow' although if I'm honest there isn't a great deal of difference between the two versions but, hey ho, it's all good.
I do like Guttercats and 'Beautiful Curse' is a cool record and I'm sure every time I play it something different will jump out of the mix and become my new favourite song on the album. Great stuff.