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Written by Dave Prince   
Monday, 24 March 2014 03:20

alien coverSweden's best kept secret weapon in the world of rock was always Alien - for me they were better than Treat and countless others. Having regrouped fully in 2010 after an aborted attempt in 2005 the band have released quality product which continues today with the release of 'Eternity'.


One thing I get from the first listen of ‘Eternity’ is just how happy the band are sounding today. Whilst you can never take experience away, the band also sound hungry and fresh again and straight away 'In Love We Trust' lets us know the band mean business. 'Unbroken' which is up next is a mid-paced rocker which wears its heart on its sleeve.


'Love Will Lead Me Home' continues at an effortless pace, and so far the band have managed to envelop me in a world where only love matters, which in this day and age really is only a good thing. The whole band featuring Jim Jidhed on vocals, Tony Borg on guitars, Jimmy Wandroph on keyboards, Ken Sandin on bass and Toby Tarrach on drums sound on fire knowing exactly what is required and where to reign it in. 


Releasing an album with 12 great songs is something other bands would learn a thing or two from Alien. They have clearly worked hard on these dozen masterpieces and it shows. 'I Believe' is a song worthy of an Oscar/Grammy, it is the kind of song that American film goers lap up in their tens of thousands. Believe me if they gave this to say - Taylor Swift - it would rake it in. It is a classic in so many ways. 'Summer Of Love' returns to the driving rock of yesteryear and conjures up images of Baywatch-equse skimpy shorts and beachwear. Not to mention slow-mo running. The lyric that hits home for me in this song is “Relive the glorious moment”, just that line sends shivers down my spine. It really is beautiful.


'What Goes Up' with its keyboard heavy riff is a masterclass in AOR songwriting. The song makes me break open the air-keytar - even on a busy train in the morning, but I honestly do not care - because I'm lost in the music, where waves of glorious keys crash over me. The next song was written back in the ‘80s by LA with co-writers Pam Barlow and Janet Morrison Minto who contribute lyrics to the album. This song is for those who fight for love and is inspiring to the last note. 'Wildheart' thankfully is nothing to do with Ginger and Co. but a song of courage and willingness. A heart pumping song of the highest order,


And now into the closing stretch of 'Liar, Liar', 'Look At Us Now', Burning Heart' and 'In Truth'. approved image lrg 2013Each song in turn is a chest pumping AOR classic, which only serves to remind us that sometimes the underground is the place to be. We get to love and cherish the majestic music of one of the best rock bands this small planet has ever seen. This is so good it could live with me for an ‘Eternity’.