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Written by Gaz E   
Tuesday, 18 March 2014 03:40

respecttherichcoverI Love Rich, the Chicago-based rockers fronted by vocalist/bassist....errr....Rich and featuring drummer Drewblood and guitarists Full Throttle and Chuck E. Sleaze, return with their fifth release, 'Respect The Rich'.


Sharing stages with the likes of The Dickies, The Queers and The Dictators since their formation in the late '90s, I Love Rich have fashioned themselves a sound that pays homage to their obvious rock 'n' roll heroes, yet has also garnered them a cult following, no doubt due to the shit-eating grin of a subgenre that they find themselves balls-deep in: Party Rock.


On this new eight-track release, I Love Rich decided to have a stab at getting a song played on the radio: the resulting track (journeying from rehearsal room to recording studio, the journey hopefully not over yet with radio play waiting) is '(You're So Hot) I'm Gonna Fuck You With The Lights On'.


Granted, that title might not be the wisest in the world when looking to rotate heavily on U.S. radio, but the band has all the bases covered: a Rock En Espanol version and a clean radio version - '(You're So Hot) I'm Gonna Love You With The Lights On' - are also featured here. Radio dominance awaits!


The lead track itself is a bit of a monster, to be honest. Sounding like Turbonegro jamming klassik KISS, the song is home to a massive gang-vocal chorus and a proper 'Christine Sixteen' throwback in the middle section. The band's aim of showing off their sensitive side, you'd think, achieved with little effort.


'Wake Up, Let Me Rock You' rides in, bareback, on a huge riff that owes more than a tip of the hat to classic AC/DC, the song itself stinging the senses with a chorus so simple you'd think that more bands would write killer hooks just like it.


'We're Here To Save Rock And Roll' tears things up with a sub-Motörhead riff and typically restrained (yeah, right!) lyrics and attitude. Throw some choice "whoo-hoo" backing vocals into the mix and what have you got? An ass-kicker of a tune, that's what!


Rumbling bass introduces 'Fight The Fire', the song's chorus, arriving after a throbbing classic rock 'n' roll verse, sounding like something prime Ace Frehley would have thrown out to outsell his former band mates.


How do you follow that? With 'If You Don't Take Your Clothes Off, Tonight's Gonna Suck', of course. Throwing a touch of cock rock into the melting pot come pre-chorus time, this future classic fuses cowbell to a '70s KISS riff and adds a wailing solo just for kicks.


This band, and their Party Rock, might not take things too seriously, lyrically at least, but the smiles in song form that they chuck out put many more outfits to shame.


I Love Rich are here to save rock and roll and, y'know what, they might just pull it off. If they don't, they'll have had a friggin' blast trying.




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