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Written by Dave Prince   
Tuesday, 26 February 2013 04:00

Heartbreak Radio2013 is starting out to be a pretty good year so far for AOR releases, and with ‘On Air’ Heartbreak Radio serves up a great slice of melody backed with guitars that pack a punch.


Following their self-titled album of 2005 although the band never broke up, in the intervening years singer Mikael Erlansson simply continued with his day job as the voice of Last Autumn’s Dream as well as singing on Tommy Denander’s ‘Radioactive’ album. The line-up of today’s Heartbreak Radio consists of Mats Johanson (a guest soloist on Asia’s ‘Aqua’ album) on guitar, Berra Holmgren (of Ace Of Base fame), on bass, Peter Strandberg (Jeff Scott Soto), on drums, alongside Johan Axelsson on keyboards and the rousing sax of Wojtek Goral (from Stevie Wonder’s band). Vocalists invited to attend the recording sessions included Jim Jidhed (Alien), the afore-mentioned Erlandsson and Pierre Weinsberg (Elevener) and two other Swedish super-vocal talents, Henrik Baath (Dark Water) and solo artist Martin Gabriel.


What this album gives us then, is talent, pop sensibilities and huge rousing choruses. Although the sound of different singers does give the album a somewhat disjointed feel the power of the song writing shines through and saves the day.


For me the stand out track here is ‘Angelina’ which is sung pretty damn amazingly by Pierre Weinsberg. Man can this guy sing a note or two. Although this album feels like an AOR masterclass I cannot help but feel that this release might fall by the wayside against the monster releases coming out in 2013. I hope that isn’t the case though because it really is such a great release.




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