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Written by Ian Bell   
Tuesday, 26 February 2013 03:00

thedixiedead'Calling All Corpses', the last full length release from our favourite horror punk Wednesday 13, was my album of 2011 and as we are kicking nicely in to Wednesday 2013 we are blessed with a new album to absorb and possess in the form of 'The Dixie Dead', not as instant as '...Corpses' maybe, but showing greater maturity and depth without losing any of the twists or clever play with lyrics we have come to know and love.


In the modern media world it has long since been impossible for music to truly scare or install fear in an audience, with the exception of any radio station's top 40 chart show perhaps. Wednesday 13 though has provided some of the finest and most memorable riff-laden melodic horror punk audio greatness over the last 20 years, including his time with Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13, Gunfire 76 and Murderdolls, bringing the fun of the Addams Family in the form of a punk metal band but always clever enough to have stayed one zombie shuffle above the quality control line of 'Hey Stoopid'.


'Death Arise', a short introduction, opens up proceedings on 'The Dixie Dead' and, as 'Blood Sucker' launches into a heavy as hell heads down mosh it up rocker with the trademark lyric writing beaming out from the start, you know you're on for another fun-filled ride of horror, humour, bloods, guts and death against a backdrop of high level song writing.


'Get Your Grave On' has an industrial sized machine gun fuelled riff with the vocals rhyming away just above that quality control line whilst 'Curse the Living' will be a live favourite with the pit loving air punching followers. The trademark screwball lyrics and word play with song titles are a plenty, such as 'Too Fast For Blood' providing a hat tip and musical vibe in respect of Motley Crue and 'Hail Ming' providing some credit and a nod to the retro sci-fi genius that is Flash Gordon.


One upon a time there used to be B sides to albums and what would have been in the case of this release takes the horror a little more seriously and the song writing up a notch, yet still full of Wednesday 13 qualities, but appears to have matured and darkened a few years since turning the album over, but here lie the better songs for me.


The album's title track, 'The Dixie Dead', chugs along disturbingly with a Southern Rock vibe as it twists and turns before its sudden end whilst 'Ghost Stories' is simply a great song with great lyrics that plods along with a keyboard tinged industrial feel with the vocals driving the song and completing the picture. 'Fuck You (In Memory Of.......)', on the face of it, is one of those stupid teenage end of relationship songs that is just a bag of fun and you will end up singing along too even if you are long past your teenage years and knowing it's stupid. 'Carol Ann...They're Here', with its room filling chorus line and Poltergeist nod, and Hammer horrific 'Hands of the Ripper' end the album on a high before the 'Death Arise (Overture)' brings your blood pressure back to normality.   
Wednesday 13 has yet again delivered the goods, but be warned this disc is like a drug, you have a first listen and it's not instant, but then you have an unknown urge to go back to it in no time at all and give it another listen, and another, and before you know it it's on a constant loop and it's taken over your life and you're shaking the dust and digging out anything Wednesday 13 has been involved from your collection in some frenzied panic and still you can’t get enough...


.........thank god there is UK tour fast approaching...........


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