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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 28 February 2013 04:00

dime runnersDime Runner - snotty sounding mother fuckers! How's that for a tag line? Well from the opening blast of 'Race To Nowhere' to the closing cover of 'Warsaw' there is enough brattish snot contained to keep Kleenex in business for a decade. Glunk lovers prick them ears back because this four piece from California are making a right old din and you might just want a piece of the action.


'Race To Nowhere' is first up and with a super lowslung bass kicking it off you get the impression these cats aren't foolin' around and cut straight to the chase with a fusion of Ramones pace and riffage combined with some nice Hives-like melody. I'm already sold. A mighty fine bass rumble it is too.


Eleven songs in just about twenty five minutes, there isn't enough time to get prog on the listener as they usher in 'It's An Emergency' with some very welcome snotty punk 'n' roll. The punk rock rule book firmly snuck away in the back pocket Dime Runner continue to knock out exemplary slabs of primal, driven rock 'n' fuckin' roll. 'Party Song' slams and rips out some bitching guitar licks and nails it. This band sounds like they're living the dream right here, right now, and having a ball whilst their star burns brightly.


'The Hardway' is amphetamine junk rock that's tight and full of energy but the same could be said of 'No Money No Home' with its desolate chanted chorus and sped up Stooges riff.


To shake things up a bit 'Recharged Rejects' sounds like something the best bands from Scandinavia can knock out; keep it simple, write great tunes and you won't go far wrong. Who said this rock 'n' roll business wasn't easy?!


Some old school punk rock has 'Tell Me What You Want' thrashing around with the middle finger flying high in the air. The band have captured a whole busload of energy here and managed to harness it into some right smart tunes. Sure, it's nothing new nor is it remotely original but it's done with heart and soul and done exceedingly well and that's more than good enough for me.


I hear about a dozen great bands' influences here and there, and that's cool! They even manage to wedge in a pretty neat cover of Joy Division's 'Warsaw' on the end of the record which I wasn't expecting at all.


Check out Dime Runner Uber Rockers, I dare you! Unless of course a good time isn't something that appeals to you. But if you've come this far in the review the chances are you want to hit the little red link below to check it out so what are you waiting for? Do it!




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