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Written by Ross Welford   
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 03:45

clawtoeEPJesus H Christ! Where do I start with this? Is it genius, madness or simply three fucked up dudes getting in your brain for shits and giggles?


I'll tell you what I do know - Led by Criminal IQ Records' Darius Hurley, this is equal parts creepy, humorous, scary, punky, electro and damn near bloody brilliant. Oh and a tad annoying. Which makes it harder to stop playing. Yet it's brilliant. All at the same time.


If you can't get into lead off track 'Another Saturday Night', with tales of Nazis and anal sex (not together mind you) then you'll never get Claw Toe. I think I've played this song non stop for an hour and still it makes me want to laugh and be a fly on the wall of these mentalists. The lyrics are the best I've heard for a while whilst the delivery is so English and UK punk that you'll be surprised to find out they're Boston, USA based (apparently Hurley is a Cockney by birth). Back that up with wailing guitars and a fucked up attitude and you've got yourself a band that you have to simply check out.


'The Drugs Song' follows and it's not hard to see how they got that title - they deliver it like it's their very own water torture; it's a synth headache being drilled into your brain as they no doubt stand by with hammers in hand waiting for you to scream "STOP IT!!!"


'Self-help For The Hopeless' sounds like the man on the edge of a mental breakdown due to 'er indoors, 'Kamikaze' goes lo-fi with a droning sound interspersed with high pitch guitars and K-k-k-k-k-ka..... kamikaze refrain and last track 'Panic Attack' turns itself on its head with a song that sounds like a B-side Blur mashed up with Sham 69 (including the intriguing lyric "nothing tastes as juicy as vegan pussy").


Add to that the electro weirdness/cleverness of 'Geriatric Stalker' and you've got an EP of six tracks that's simply a must for Uber Rock fans everywhere.


You know who put all that horse meat in our burgers? Claw Toe............Probably.


You know who went around killing all the OAPs? Claw Toe...............Probably.


You know who will wake you in your sleep to torture you with a smile on their faces but probably end up being your best mates?


Claw Toe.................I'm certain of it.