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Written by Mark Ashby   
Monday, 25 February 2013 03:30

Promothee - Nothing Happens ArtworkThis debut, initially self released, album from Swiss metalcore five-piece Promoethee is the follow-up to an EP released nigh on three years ago.


Now, you see, there’s that dreaded ‘metalcore’ description in there again! And my feelings on that particular genre have been well vented. Having said that, I’m always prepared to put my prejudices aside and give anyone, or any band, the benefit of the doubt - or at least one listen of their material.


‘Nothing Happens…’ is actually an above-average example of the genre, displaying some neat progressive touches in amongst all the usual scream nonsense. The best example of this progressiveness is in the guitar work, courtesy of Ludovic Lacroix and Elric Doswald, who work together and produce some extremely interesting, and varied moments, such as ‘Of Loss And Disgust’ and ‘Life/Less’ (with the latter also displaying a rather nifty bass performance from Matthieu Tappolet in its final section). The rhythm section of Tappolet and Nils Haldi also work well together, with the former producing some interesting fills and the latter as solid as is needed.


However, some of the experimentation fails, most notably on the Slipknot rip off ‘Genesis’, and there is also too much mediocrity and predictability present, such as the opener ‘The Great Deception’, and ‘The New Face Of Mankind’. The main culprit in this regard is vocalist Joshua Orsi, who seems content to just scream and yell his lyrics – completely ruining ‘Buried’, especially, by delivering an awful vocal that is the complete antithesis of the musical accompaniment – rather than trying to sing, something which would have made a great improvement to the otherwise promising likes of ‘Of Loss And Disgust’ and ‘Thus Spoke.


Sadly, overall it’s a case of not enough happening, coming or going…


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