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Written by Mark Ashby   
Thursday, 28 February 2013 03:30

Seamount - Earthmother ArtworkA doom metal concept album that examines the positive side of love may sound somewhat of an anomaly, but that is exactly the route that the American/German partnership of vocalist Phil Swanson and guitarist Tim Schmidt – who coined the epithet ‘the new torch of doom’ back in 2008 – have chosen to go down with this, their fourth full-lengther.


The result is an impressive slice of intelligently produced rock music which defies many traditional boundaries, crossing as it does those between traditional doom, such as on ‘The Fool’ and ‘Just For Fantasy’ and Americana - ‘Isolation’, for example, has tinges of Neil Young, complete with its acoustic sound – via good old-fashioned Seventies inspired southern hard rock (‘Do It Again’ bears all the hallmarks of the Allman Brothers, albeit covered by Zakk Wylde) and melodic stoner grind (such as on the fantastic ‘Everything Divine’) to tongue-in-cheek raw metal nonsense, as in the Priest-ly closer ‘Music’.


The album also has an extremely natural and organic sound, bringing out the individual performances to great effect, and the overall listening experience is very rewarding.


Not one for doom metal purists, though, fortunately, I’m not one of those…


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