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Written by Jamie Richards   
Wednesday, 20 February 2013 03:45

thiefinthenightThere really is nothing quite like a band comparing themselves to Creed or Alter Bridge to put me off before I even hear a single highly polished riff, tightly thumping bass drum, or ear splitting, eagle height soaring shrill.


To be honest though, I needn't have panicked because Thief in the Night, a band with only two members but who also feature named 'extra musicians', have knocked out a pretty listenable slab of modern (traditional) heavy rock for their debut album, 'Under the Influence'.


In fact it's not until the lyrical cheddar of third track 'Broken Beyond Repair' (living in a cess pool, of lies, now I’m listening to, your alibis) that I first felt that inevitable and uncontrollable tic that hits me when exposed to this brand of modern (traditional) heavy rock music. The song recovers from its slightly cringe inducing opening lines though, and sits alongside its predecessors as a finely produced and perfectly executed cut and thrust of chunky yet fluid riffs and energetic percussion.


Clocking in at a mere six tracks, the album is not the lengthiest of workouts, and the instrumental title track provides a strange centre piece for the record as a whole, the much more subtle, yet still heavy melody on No One Else shows a slightly different side to the outfit as they change steadily up through the songs gears. Closing out with the another instrumental, this time a rather plaintive, acoustic and wispish song entitled 'Etude for Chelsea', 'Under the Influence' disappears like the proverbial fart in a hurricane.


The greatest compliment I can pay is that at no time did this record irritate me in anyway close to the way Alter Bridge et al manage to; an enjoyable enough listen but not one to linger.


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