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Written by Johnny H   
Saturday, 16 February 2013 03:00

BuckcherryThere are many, many things you would expect to hear when listening to a new album by Buckcherry, Josh Todd’s unmistakable vocal sneer for one, the band’s panto-porno lyrics is another, as is their ever burgeoning ability to write ballads that out Aerosmith the Toxic Twins. What you most definitely would not expect to find though is a track that immediately reminds you of ‘Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West)’, but hey, guess what? That’s exactly what ‘Pride’ track number 10 on this the ‘cherry’s sixth studio album makes me think of and I’m not so sure that it’s such a bad thing.


Why? Well due to me constantly singing along to ‘Pride’ albeit childishly substituting the words to Benny Hill’s seventies chart smash, in the few days I’ve had ‘Confessions’, it’s actually gone from being an album that on first listen I simply thought “hmmm, that’s alright, but a bit formulaic”, to one that I’m now constantly picking new bits and pieces out of. Like the Gluecifer undertones on one of the album’s standout tracks ‘Water’, or the early Maiden bass rumblings to ‘Nothing Left But The Tears’, which have the track off and running like an athlete in a Lucozade advert. Remember other sports drinks are available folks. So if anything whilst ‘Confessions does ultimately sounds like Buckcherry (how could they not with potty mouth Josh Todd on top form), it most certainly is an album with much more to offer the listener than the overlong ‘All Night Long’, or the lacklustre ‘Black Butterfly’.


To redress those perhaps more ballad led albums, here on ‘Confessions’ there are only three lighter waving moments amongst its thirteen tracks, the excellent ‘The Truth’, the sultry ‘Sloth’, and the saccharin sweet acoustic album closer ‘Dreamin’ Of You’ which if I’m honest I skip every single time I play the album.


All three of these tunes will keep the mellower Buckcherry fan in your life very happy indeed, but if like me you hanker for a bit of old school Buckcherry profanity then you really will not have to look much farther than the album’s opening cut ‘Gluttony’. This 2 minutes and 41 second ejaculation of pure rock ‘n’ roll energy sounded like one hell of a tune when the band premiered it on their pre Xmas UK shows, but here it is a snarling beast of a song ready to dry hump the leg of rock club patrons worldwide. Seriously if you don’t want to dance to this then you must be dead from the waist down. And the party doesn’t stop there either ‘Seven Ways To Die’ spits its downbeat message in your face and expects you to accept it, ‘Greed’ meanwhile motors along on a poptasticly simple rhythmic verse before erupting into chorus of frenzied anger, whilst ‘Lust’ is just a dirty little fucker of a track with a tortuously saucy vocal hook.


Apparently this album is loosely based around events from Josh Todd’s formative years, focussing in on the seven deadly sins in particular, but for those of you fearing our tattooed hero had perhaps suddenly developed a tendency to stand on one leg whilst playing a flute, rest assured I can safely report I didn’t get the feeling that I was listening to anything other than a Buckcherry album, albeit quite a good one, when repeatedly playing ‘Confessions’.


It’s certainly a record the band should be very proud of, because it strikes a sensible musical balance across its bakers dozen of tracks that somehow keeps the rockers who long for the band to return to their dark days chomping at the bit whilst also delighting the fans they have picked up since achieving more recognised global chart success.


I’m sure that we’ll be able to hear ‘Confessions’ live bass beats pound the ground at venues near us very soon, but until that day prepare yourself with a copy of this record and simply enjoy feeling dirty for an hour or two.


Go on you know you want to.




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