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Written by Rob Watkins   
Wednesday, 20 February 2013 03:30

January JaneJanuary Jane came into this world after the chance meeting between singer Pat Via and guitarist MCM at a gallery opening and with Pat fresh off a stint on American Idol, he was just itching to explore an edgier side of the modern rock world and the outcome is this debut EP from their joint venture .


Opening cut of this 7 track EP `Fallen So Far`, is a great introduction to January Jane with an awesome vocal delivery from Via out front totally controlling the track. `Champagne Suicide` offers some metal riffage alongside quite a tidy melodic vocal pattern and some all round grand harmonic backing vocals. The title track `No More Last Times` shows off the softer side of the five guys but for me unfortunately lacks the anthemic chorus so associated with this type of number, but it’s still a well written little ditty all the same.


‘The Unknown` rocks the tempo back up a touch, and is another song full of musical energy and passion with the vocals yet again of note. `Nothing Left` is a tune with a nice little groove going on, but again is lacking the all important choral hook.


The first of two bonus tracks on the EP is an extended cut of the title tune which seems a waste to me, what with only seven tracks on offer maybe an alternative song could have replaced this on the release. Things ending with the short instrumental `Devouring Saturn`.


Maybe just maybe this is the start of something good though. 




To pick up your copy of 'No More Last Times [Explicit]' - CLICK HERE