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Written by Rob Watkins   
Monday, 25 February 2013 03:30

Dearest PinkyDearest Pinky sure lives up to her name with her brighter than bright pink locks, but don’t be fooled into thinking that is where the intrigue ends with this artiste as Dearest Pinky attended the prestigious Berklee College Of Music, where she focused on arranging and composing music. So this lady has many strings to her talented bow, with a flair for both music and image in equal measures.


‘Blood And Scars’ opens with `Blood Over Time` an intro piece to the epic kinda Evanescence type of progressive rocker that is first track proper, `Slip Your Lie`. Although for some reason I personally think the instrumental side doesn’t exactly go hand in hand with the vocal arrangement, but it’s still a great number nonetheless. My same sentiments go into `Behind The Lines Of Reason` another decent prog-esque tune of sorts.


`Last Stop` meanwhile has a country slant to it and whilst this collection is well arranged and crafted I’m quickly starting to think it lacks the major musical ingredient, the essential killer choral hooks.


`Shed Your Skin` and title track `Blood And Scars` still have me unconvinced, I mean respect and all that to Dearest Pinky’s musical talent but on songs such as `Bleed Like Mine` and `Count Me Out` things are starting to now blend rather aimlessly from one track into the next and sadly there’s no real depth to the songwriting on show.


The album does offer up some interesting moments though such as `Swollen Heart` with its alternative prog like approach and especially on `Everything Short Of Nothing` where it should be shouted out that Dearest Pinkys`s vocal performance is of a very high standard.


Overall the album does possess a great production, and at times at certain points there’s maybe a small "Extreme" influence flying around, just take a listen to some of the guitar work on `Hear Me` for instance. There’s even a song penned about the stereotype that "Girls Don’t Play Guitars" in the rather quaintly named `What Did You Expect From A Skirt`, whilst the softer `Smile Upon Me` bounces into the funk laden `Rise Above`. But as I’ve already stated, “oh how I still await that big chorus or something half way memorable”. ‘Blood And Scars’ is concluded with `Blood And Scar Wars` leading into an acoustic rendition of `Bleed Like Mine` with a beautiful backing vocal courtesy of Chelsea Ventura. And I’m outta here.


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