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Written by Ross Welford   
Monday, 11 February 2013 04:00

toxicrosevideonewsIf these guys could get anywhere near the benchmark set by their promo photos and website we'd all be rushing out to buy this EP....shame they don't.


Toxic Rose is yet another band from Sweden that has emerged as wannabe darlings of the glam rock world (makes a change from Italy I suppose?).


Featuring ex members of Gemini Five and Lipstixx 'n' Bulletz, this five track EP is underwhelming to the point of disappointing. Instead of Backyard Babies having an orgy with the Crue whilst listening to HCSS's debut disc, we get the guitar sound of Dave Murray and Adrian Smith heavily backed up by synths, whilst the vocals throw you at a wall of nails.


'A Song For The Weak' sums it all up really: Maiden guitars with a keyboard atmosphere in the background as they sing of being the outcast, it's just a tad weak and obvious. 'Set Me Free' runs with the same ideas before 'Follow Me' gives them a slight change in sound with heavier guitars yet more synth and it all becomes very formulaic. Add to that the painful high notes on 'Black Bile' and you'd have already decided that these guys are just another band with a better look than most (a look that I'm sure you'd imagine them being a hell of a lot harder sounding than they actually are).


They seem to be a band that want to produce three different sounds and together it just becomes watered down to neither be atmospheric, angry, sexy or quite simply good enough to lift them from the also-rans.