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Written by Lewis Brooks   
Saturday, 16 February 2013 03:30

Not My Finest Hour Cover ArtAs I write this, I swear that I am not in fact at all afraid of the giant purple spiky octopus filling up my laptop, and also that I have not accidentally opened up any Japanese pornography. This is a promise. What I am currently viewing appears to be the somewhat quirky mascot of up and coming unsigned pop-punkers Not My Finest Hour. This EP that has found me may have dragged itself out of the deepest oceans, or the dingiest student hovels. Who knows?


After a few listens, I had learned through inter-track monologue… Something about flies and wings. I also reaffirmed for myself that “anthemic” is most definitely still the buzzword for anyone who straightens his or her hair and likes to bounce about like a young lunatic or hooligan. Maybe I’m showing my lack of age here, but I really can, given the right mind-set, get into this sort of thing.


Alas, though hope of a pop-punk epiphany or conversion is likely unfeasible amongst the older writers and readers of Uber Rock (all tracks tested on fellow writer Neville Brooks) I cling to the notion that a younger readership will identify with these You Me At Six/All Time Low-sounding new renegades. I hope that that’s not too young an audience however, as there’s definitely an Ian Watkins kind of air about the vocals…


Let’s leave the childre… Uh, controversy, alone though, and move onto the music. Personally the opening of ‘Lose It’ and ‘Ex Factor’ in its entirety stick out for me, though for the panicked and puzzling fly musings check out the end of self-titled ‘Not My Finest Hour’. If you’re short on time though, and need to maybe make a good first impression, I recommend ‘City Soundtrack’ to sum the band up; again ‘anthemic’ feels appropriate.


In closing, if you are approximately sixteen to twenty-three then this should be for you, and if not, then you’re just not all that fun to be around. If you’re any older, if your bad back or arthritis stops you bouncing around at a gig, then I apologise profusely for wasting your time. One last thing, after actually looking at the band- if you’re too old for this stuff but have a teenage daughter… Lock her up, or regret it.